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Re: Internet Infrastructure.
Dear Madames/ Sirs.
The attached letter was sent by me to various
technology companies in the State of Israel where
I live. I will note that from the answers I received,
it follows that in the current state of the Internet
infrastructure in the State of Israel, it is not
possible to provide any Israeli customer with a
stable Internet service, without all the problems I
encounter again and again (repeated
disconnections for no reason, very slow browsing,
legitimate websites Completely blocked suddenly
and without any justification, etc.).
The question I would like to raise is: Do you think
connecting to an ISP located in another country
can help? Or because of the infrastructure
situation any provider I connect to will not be able
to bring about an improvement in the situation?
I am a Hebrew-speaking person, and my
knowledge of foreign languages is very limited,
and apart from medium to low level English and
very low level French I have no further knowledge
in this field. Therefore, if a connection to an
Internet provider located in another country can
indeed help, it is important to me that there be a
possibility of customer service or technical
support in Hebrew.
Assaf Benyamini.
Re: Internet connection.
Dear Madames/ Sirs.
I sent the attached letter to the "Hot" company
through which I now connect to the Internet.
I will note that the issue I raise is not one-time:
these recurring disconnections from the Internet
are repeated over and over again — and even
after I am in touch with the company's technical
staffs who supposedly solve the problem, it
always repeats itself again after a short time.
I will note that until December 2019, I received
the Internet provider services from "Bezeq
Beinleumi" Israeli company - which I also left for
identical reasons.
My question to you is: Are there currently
companies in the State of Israel through which it
is possible to receive a stable Internet service
without recurring disconnections?
Or is it impossible in the current state of
infrastructure in the country, and with all my
joining any other ISP the situation will be the
same or similar? And another question: Is it
possible to connect to a fiber-optic service in my
area of residence (I live in the Kiryat Menachem
neighborhood in southwest Jerusalem)?
I will mention that I currently pay for the
subscription in the "Hot" company, through which
I connect to the Internet for about New Israeli
Shekels 181.84 per month.
Thank you for addressing these questions.
Assaf Binyamini.
To: Hot Company.
Subject: Disconnections.
Dear Madames/ Sirs .
I am your customer from the Jerusalem area.
Today, day Monday, 15.11.2021 The connection to
the Internet suddenly disconnected - just like that
and for no reason.
When I called your call center at about 12:00 noon
*6910 the call was disconnected as soon as it
reached the technical support representatives and all this was repeated twice.
I will note that these repeated disconnections are
very problematic - as we know today, access to
the Internet is not a luxury - and this is for the
simple reason that many actions in front of
government ministries cannot be carried out in
any other way.
So I look forward to explanations — why are
these sudden disconnections repeated over and
over again? Why is it not possible to fix what
needs fixing once and for all?
assaf benyamini,
115 Costa Rica Street,
Entrance A-Apartment 4,
Kiryat Menachem,
ISRAEL Zip code: 9662592.
my phone numbers: at home-972-2-6427757.
Mobile-972-58-6784040. Fax-972-77-2700076.
post Scriptum. 1) My ID number: 029547403.
2)My email addresses: [email protected]
And: [email protected]
And: [email protected]
And: [email protected]
And: [email protected]
And: [email protected]
And: [email protected]
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