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Subject: Disabled housing.
Dear Msadames/ Sirs.
The lease at my current place of residence ends on
14.7.2022. There are currently a number of
problematic circumstances — because of which I
will probably not have any residential solution
after this date:
1)The therapeutic framework in which I was
until 16.3.2021 ceased to function - due to
cuts in health and welfare budgets. I will
need the assistance of a social worker - in all
matters related to negotiations with the
landlord, and also in case she will not be
interested in the extension of the lease-and
as someone who suffers from a variety of
medical, mental and physical problems I will
not be able to negotiate this alone.
2) Since the beginning of December 1995, I have
been living in apartments for sheltered housing
for the mentally handicapped in Jerusalem, and
during this period I have moved apartment many
times. But if the landlord does not agree to renew
the lease, this time I will have a difficulty that I did
not have in all the previous times I moved
apartment: the physical disabilities that
developed in me as a result of a work accident I
had at the beginning of 1998 have worsened
greatly in recent years (a work accident that the
National Insurance Institute is not willing to
acknowledge to this day), and the immediate
consequence is that this time I will not be able to
pack my personal belongings myself — which I
was still able to do the last time I moved into an
apartment in the summer of 2014. Of course there
are companies that help with this - but this is a
service that can only be ordered privately at a cost
of 100 New Israeli Shekels per hour. As someone
who maintains a disability pension from the
National Insurance Institute, I will not be able to
pay these amounts - and due to the severity of my
situation, even very high discounts will simply not
3)Despite the increase in housing prices in the
Israeli economy in recent years, the assistance
received by the disabled in my situation for the
purpose of paying rent has not changed for many
years , and still stands at a sum of 770 shekels per
month. As is well known, it is not possible to rent
an apartment in any area in ISRAEL today - and
this is all the more true when it comes to
apartments accessible to the disabled, where the
rental costs are even slightly higher. There is
currently no solution to this ongoing failure,
which is why many disabled people are ejected to
their deaths on the street.
And to sum up: I am looking for a solution that
will prevent my deterioration to life on the street
where I will not be able to survive.
Assaf Benyamini,
115 Costa Rica Street,
Entrance A-Apartment 4,
Kiryat Menachem,
ISRAEL, Zip code: 9662592.
Phone numbers: at home-972-2-6427757.
Mobile-972-58-6784040. Fax-972-77-2700076.
post Scriptum. 1) My ID number: 029547403.
2) My email addresses: [email protected]
or: [email protected]
or: [email protected] or:
[email protected] or:
[email protected]
or: [email protected] or:
[email protected]
3) The therapeutic framework in which I was until
Reut Association - Avivit Hostel,
6 Avivit Street,
Kiryat Menachem,
ISRAEL, Zip code: 96508.
Phone numbers at the hostel
offices: 972-2-6432551. or: 972-2-6428351.
The email address of the hostel:
[email protected]
The social worker who accompanied me in the
hostel's sheltered housing until 16.3.2021:
4) My family doctor I am under follow-up:
Dr. Brandon Stewart,
"Clalit Health Services" - Promenade Clinic,
6 Daniel Janowski Street,
ISRAEL, Zip code: 9338601.
Phone number at the clinic's
offices: 972-2-6738558. Fax number at the clinic
offices: 972-2-6738551.
5) Below is a link to the site, where you can find
more material about me in different languages:
6)Additional personal information: Age: 48.
Marital status: Single. Date of birth: 11.11.1972.
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