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To Whom it may Concern.
re: Multilingual advertising
In recent years, I have been a partner in the struggle of the handicapped to raise the disability
pensions in a way that will allows, the handicapped in the State of Israel, to live with minimal
As part of this struggle, on 10 July 2018, I attended a meeting of the Knesset Transparency
Committee on the matter of public housing. This day was also declared Public Housing Day.
At the meeting, I met a woman, Tatiana Kaduchaken, who had founded the social movement,
We Shall Overcome, which is trying to help promote the rights of the seriously handicapped;
i.e. people suffering from serious medical conditions and severe disabilities, but whom
outwardly, and at first glance, appear indistinguishable and just like any other person. The
fact that the disability of these people, of whom I am one, is not outwardly apparent results in
discrimination and the loss of many rights for which other disabled people are eligible.
Ministries often adopt a superficial and very shallow approach that results in people in this
group being marked as ostensibly "healthy". The very extensive unjustified revoking of rights
on the basis of external appearance alone is, of course, an inevitable part of this process.
Our new movement, We Shall Overcome, is trying to fight this sweeping revoking of rights,
raise awareness of the issue among the general public and decision-makers in Israel.
As part of my efforts to help promote the movement, I am approaching you and many foreign
parties. There are two objectives to these approaches: an attempt to apply foreign pressure on
Israeli decision-makers so that they will begin dealing with our distress much more seriously,
and to examine options for cooperation with handicapped organizations in other countries
with the objective of improving the condition of the handicapped wherever they are found.
My question to you is: do you know, or are aware, of private companies or websites that offer
multilingual advertising services through which it will be possible to make an attempt at
promoting the subject in as many languages as possible, and in this way to approach as many
diverse audiences as possible worldwide?
Assaf Benyamini
115 Costa Rica St., entrance A, apt. 4
Kiryat Menachem, Jerusalem 9662592
Telephone - home: + 972-2-6427757; mobile +972-52-4575172; fax + 972-77-2700076
1) My I.D. no. 029547403
2) email: 029547403@; [email protected]; [email protected];
[email protected]; [email protected]
3) Telephone of Ms. Tatiana Kaduchaken at We Shall Overcome: +972-52-3708001,
11:00-20:00 Sunday-Thursday
4) I should point out that my knowledge of foreign languages is very limited (only very
low to moderate fluency in English), which is why I cannot carry out such promotion on
my own. For this reason, I need the assistance of a professional translation agency to
bring this matter to your attention.
5) My caregiving association:
Avivit – Reuth Hostel
6 Ha'avivit St.
Kiryat Menachem, Jerusalem 9650816
Hostel office telephone no.: +972-2-6432551 or +972-2-5428351
Hostel email: [email protected]
6) Avivit's social worker, whom I met at 13:30 on Tuesday, 12 December 2017,
explicitly prohibited me from disclosing any of her particulars and/or other employees
of Avivit Hostel or of Reuth.
7) My family doctor, who monitors my condition:
Dr.. Michael Halav
Clalit Healthcare Services, Ir Ganim branch
63 Borochov St.
Kiryat Yovel, Jerusalem 9678150
Clinic telephone no.: +972-2-6440777, fax: +972-2-6438217
8) Other personal particulars:
Age – 47; family status – single; date of birth: 11 November 1972
9) Below is a brief explanation, which appeared in the press, about We Shall
Overcome. Tatiana Kaduchaken, an ordinary person, decided to establish the
organization to help those whom she called "the transparent disabled".
More than 500 people from all over the country have joined her organization to
date. In an interview with Yoman on Channel 7, she discussed the venture and the
disabled who were ineligible for proper and sufficient assistance from the relevant
authorities, merely because they were transparent.
She said that the handicapped could be divided into two groups: handicapped in
wheelchairs and the handicapped, who are not in wheelchairs. The second group
she classified as the "transparent disabled", because, she says, they do not receive
the same services received by the handicapped in wheelchairs, even though they
are classified as 75-100% disabled.
She says that these people, who cannot earn a living independently, need
additional services to which the handicapped with wheelchairs are eligible. For
example, the transparent disabled receive a lower disability pension from National
Insurance, they do not receive certain supplements, such as a special services
allotment, an aide allotment, or mobility allotment, resulting in a lower pension
from the Ministry of Housing and Construction.
According to a study that Kaduchaken conducted, these transparent disabled are
hungry, despite the attempt in 2016 to claim that there is no hunger in Israel. Her
study also found a high percentage of suicides in this group. The movement that
she founded seeks to include the transparent handicapped in the waiting list for
public housing, because, she says, they are usually excluded, even though they
should be eligible. She holds numerous meeting with Members of Knesset and has
even attended meetings and discussions by relevant Knesset committee, but says
that those who can help won't listen, and those who do listen are in the opposition
and cannot help.
Kaduchaken is now calling for more "transparently disabled" to join and contact
her so that she can help them. She believes that, if the current situation continues,
there will be no alternative but for the disable to hold demonstrations to demand
their rights and basic living conditions
10) The link to We Shall Overcome's Facehook page, which I opened in an effort
to help it:
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