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Here is my letter to universal Postal union. I would like to find Who can
help promoting this issue.
assaf benyamini.
To: Universal Postal Union.
Subject: Postal services in Israel.
Dear Madames/ Sirs.
I am an Israeli citizen who lives in the Kiryat Menachem neighborhood of
Jerusalem - and every few years the State of Israel threatens us, the
residents of the neighborhood, by closing the only post office that
operates in our neighborhood.
The neighborhood where we live is home to many distressed
populations - elderly, disabled and people living on low incomes for
whom the consequences of closing the only branch in the neighborhood
that will force them to reach branches in other neighborhoods that are
significantly far from our area will significantly impair their quality of life.
I believe that apart from the insensitivity and blatant disregard of the
weaker sections of the State of Israel, there is also a lack of economic
intelligence, as people in the neighborhood will not be able to give up
postal services and the need to reach farther branches will waste
money, time and significant air pollution in our area. The reality is that
the only way residents will be able to reach a post office for personal
arrangements will be by car or public transportation.
As an international postal organization, which has raised the issue of
improving postal services around the world, I would like to know what
you think about this conduct.
The question is also asked here whether the State of Israel is violating
international conventions that exist in the field of postal services - and if
this is the case, it is important to know what can be done about it.
assaf benyamini.
post Scriptum. I am attaching to my letter to you the letter that I am
sending to various authorities within the State of Israel in light of the
threat of closing the branch that is taking place these days again.
In question: Kiryat Menachem Post Office.
Dear Madames/ Sirs.
Today, Tuesday, 27.7.2021 I arrived at the post office in the Kiryat
Menachem neighborhood of Jerusalem where I live for personal
arrangements - and in a strange and unexpected way I learned that
there is an intention to close our branch in the neighborhood on
13.8.2021 on a strange and unclear reason for "redeployment Of the
Postal Services".
Making such a move would have dire consequences for many Kiryat
Menachem residents — and would waste a lot of time and money for
many people who would have to travel to other, more remote branches.
We therefore call on the Ministry of Communications and the Israel
Postal Company to reconsider this decision.
assaf benyamini,
115 Costa Rica Street,
Entrance A-Apartment 4,
Kiryat Menachem,
ISRAEL, Zip code: 9662592.
my phone numbers: at home-972-2-6427757.
Mobile-972-58-6784040. Fax-972-77-2700076.
My e-mail addresses: [email protected] or: [email protected]
Or: [email protected] or: [email protected] or:
[email protected]
Or: [email protected] or: [email protected]
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