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To whom it may concern.
Subject: Advertising in Chinese.
Dear Sirs,
During the last years, I have participated in the campaign for the Handicapped
in Israel, a campaign that is known to be well covered by the Israeli media as
well as the international media. In addition, however, the red-tape and
procrastination, the negligence and avoidance by the State of Israel take toward
the persons with handicapped population crisis are well known. The avoidance
spans over many years and every authority I contact answers along the lines of
“it has nothing to do with us” or “we are the correct address”. Of course, there
are many cases where no response is given or alternatively many cases in which
the handicapped receive very aggressive or threatening responses, just because,
for no reason at all, and I, personally, have had to suffer this countless times. In
short, as of today, the issue is not under anyone’s responsibility, no one cares
and handicapped persons continue to die in the streets, and are no longer an
issue or a concern for the State of Israel.
In understanding this sad reality, I appeal to many organizations outside the
State of Israel or various international organizations as well as private
individuals some of whom I reach randomly. These appeals have two
objectives: inviting outside pressure on the decision-makers within the State of
Israel, in order that they will begin to handle the persons with handicap crisis a
bit more seriously, as well as examining the potential of one or other
cooperation between Organizations for the Handicapped in the State of Israel
and in other countries of the world for the betterment of the lives of people with
disabilities in the world. As part of these efforts, I thought of searching for an
advertisement agency, whose main area of interest is Chinese language
advertising – where translating the content of the fight into Chinese could be
obtained (I am unable to forgo this phase as I do not know Chinese, not even at
the most basic level - and I don't even know a single word in that language) and
its distribution in social networks and various internet forums in China and
Chinese speaking persons throughout the world.
My question for you is: do you know of advertising companies from whom such
service could be obtained?
Assaf Benyamini
115 Costa Rica Street
Entrance A - Apartment 4,
Kiryat Menachem,
Jerusalem, Postal code: 9662592
Telephone numbers: Home – 02-642-7757
Cell phone – 052-457-5172
Fax – 077-2700076
1) My ID number 029547403
2) My email address [email protected] Or [email protected]
Or [email protected]
Or [email protected]
Or [email protected]
3) The medical association I belong to is:
“Reut” association – “Avivit” hostel,
6 Avivit Street
Kiryat Menachem,
Jerusalem, Postal code: 9650816
Hostel’s office telephone numbers:
972-2-2-643-2551 or 972-2-2-642-8351
The email address of the social worker who accompanies me at the hostel's
sheltered housing: [email protected]
Hostel’s email address: [email protected]
4) During my meeting with the “Avivit” hostel social worker on Tuesday,
12.12.2017’ at 13:30 she strictly forbade me to provide any of her information
or of any of the other “Avivit” hostel workers or of the “Reut” association.
5) The family doctor who monitors me:
Dr. Michael Halav
"General Health Services" - Borochov Clinic,
63 Borochov Street
Kiryat Yovel
Jerusalem, Postal service: 9678150
Clinic telephone number: 972-2-2-644-0777
Clinic fax number: 972-2-643-8217.
6) Additional personal information:
Age: 47
Marital status: Single
Date of birth: 11.11.1972
7) Here is some additional explanation about the status of the persons with
disabilities population in Israel:
To whom it may concern,
Subject: Status of persons with disabilities population.
Dear Sirs,
In the last years (these things are written on Monday 12/23/2019), we, the
persons with disabilities population in Israel, we took many actions in order to
try and persuade the Government and authorities in the State of Israel to make
the appropriate legislative changes which will allow for the raising of our
disability allowances and comparing them to the minimum wage in the Israeli
economy. These actions included petitions to the courts, partaking in
demonstrations, a hunger strike carried out by organizations for the disabled in
front of the Prime Minister's Office and numerous media inquiries. However,
all of our actions within the State of Israel have suffered a stinging failure and
our allowances have been updated only slightly and in a way that cannot prevent
the continued series of serious phenomena experienced by the disabled - many
of them present a real threat to life.
These include suicides of persons with disabilities due to the impossible
dilemma facing them between purchasing basic food products and essential
medicines, deaths due to neglecting medical care due to their inability
(forfeiting of essential medical treatments due to severe economic hardship),
and foregoing heating their apartments due to inability to pay electricity bills,
and many other essential services that many of us are forced to give up due to
our inability to finance).
I would point out that in light of the failure of our efforts within the State of
Israel, I decided to appeal to many parties outside the State of Israel, with the
goal of trying to invite outside pressure on the decision-makers in the State of
Israel to act more seriously in updating our disability allowances - which
granted; would not make a disabled person a healthy person and will not
conceal our distress, however it will certainly help our plight and will enable
many of us to address it more appropriately - and will also save the lives of
many disabled persons who are sometimes ejected into the street for reasons of
financial hardship and the lack of ability to pay rent.
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