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the last few years I am taking part in civil rights campaign of people with disability
problems like me. A part of our campaign is in the internet and social networks
like youtube, facebook etc.
So I am seeking systems which maybe can help us in this part of our civil rights
struggle-do you know about systems like it?
*1)my email addresses: [email protected] or: [email protected] or:
[email protected] or: [email protected] or:
[email protected]
2)my postal address: 115/4 costa rica street, qiriat menahem neighborhood,
Jerusalem, ISRAEL, zip: 9662592.
3)my phone numbers: at home-972-2-6427757. cellular-972-52-4575172. fax972-77-2700076.
4)I am treated in avivit hostel, phone numbers: 972-2-6432551. or: 972-26428351.
5)my social-worker’s email address: [email protected]
6)my first language is Hebrew-‫עברית‬
7)Here are some links with more elaborated information of the campaign.
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