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Dhruv Tomar
Gaby Naus
Visual Art A4
26 January 2022
Contemporary Art Formal analysis
By: Dhruv Tomar
I will be talking about the Indian artist Sunil Gawde. While his art is not necessarily
paintings he ensures that his physical aspect of the art matches the landscape that it is
put in. When these two factors are contributed to each other they make a very beautiful
art piece as a whole. Let us first talk about who SUnil Gawde is as a person and what
his background and art is. Born in 1960, Sunil Gawde graduated from the J.J. School of
Art in 1980. Despite his art education, Gawde chose to take a job at the Bombay Port
Trust, where he worked until 1995. Through his dedication at the Port Trust, he
remained alive to his surroundings, incorporating Bombay's dockyards and waves into
his paintings. "That is the logic of my paintings," said Gawde, "to strip the overlaps
partially, so that earlier histories may be revealed. "Gawde's working methods share as
much with craft as with the fine arts. When applying paint, he uses the trowels and
scrapers used by masons and house-painters. Gawde received a Charles Wallace
scholarship to study in Glasgow, Scotland. The chance to spend a year exclusively
painting brought a spirit of contemplation to Gawde's work, while his increased
productivity gave rise to shows in London's ARKS Gallery and at the Mackintosh
Museum in Glasgow. That is some information about the artist that we will approach
The art piece that I will be analyzing is the “After Vincent” now before we start
analyzing this art piece we need to tell you that
this piece isn’t very profound in the art
community. This piece is truly the most unique
piece I have ever seen and admired in my
entire life. I have enjoyed mechanical
engineering for such a long time but I never
imagined this piece to contain this sort of
aspect into it. If you take a look at this art piece
and focus you can see that all the moon-like
shapes that are described into the piece are moving
and changing shape. It is powered by one large dc
motor that is connected to the moon shapes. They are
all connected to each other using some sorts of gears
that are interchanged to each other. Now to analyze
each sort of piece we need to focus on the piece while it is not in action. What I mean
Dhruv Tomar
Gaby Naus
Visual Art A4
26 January 2022
by this is that we need to make sure that this piece has no sort of motion to it. We need
to analyze it just as a picture with multiple moons that line up in the sky as if taken
straight out of Star Wars.
The first thing that we will talk about is the art elements. The two art elements
that I found in this piece are space and volume. I chose these art elements because
they are very important to identify and let alone the most important and simple things to
identify in the piece. First we have a shape which is very important since there are many
shapes in this piece. There are the following shapes in the shape Ellipse, Circle,
Half-Circle, Quarter circle, and waning crescent. Something important to notice is that
all these shapes are never present at the same time, there might be one, two, or even 3
but all of these shapes are never present at the same time. He also makes good use of
shape since he has 9 shapes in the picture as well as some minor moving piece that
depict stars (5 total) so when counting every moving piece there are a total of 14 but he
marks sure that there is not an overflow of shapes in the painting at any point of time.
He also made use of the rest of the painting since he put sparkling stars in the rest of
the shape to make use of the rest of the painting so he makes sure there is not too less
in the painting. The next thing that we need to address is the amount of amazing value
that is used in this painting. There are many sorts of white colors in this painting (black
is not prominent in this painting since it is just the space portion of the painting.) such as
the stars and the moons. He makes good use of value in the stars specifically. The stars
are actually just leds that fade in light. This is ingenious coming from an aspiring
engineer. Leds are electronic components that make a certain color appear in the led.
So changing the brightness of the led makes it look like the painting is changing in value
which is very important to the piece. To finish this paragraph it is truly amazing how
much engineers can change the art industry. As an artist and an aspiring engineer I am
really excited to see what people have in store for this momentous change that will
affect the art industry forever.
Next thing that we need to address in this aspect are the principles of designs
that occur in this painting. First thing is movement. Movement is very important in this
picture since the artist doesn't have to make his paint look like it is moving since it is
already moving in the frame. Something cool to understand is that the moons that are
smaller move a lot quicker than the ones that are bigger. Which makes it really well time
managed because there is always something to look at in the frame. Whether you look
at the moons or the stars you always find something to look at and admire. We also
need to address Unity and how well the pictures correspond with itself. It makes us
really enjoy this piece. Our eyes are drawn to the biggest moon, which is the slowest to
Dhruv Tomar
Gaby Naus
Visual Art A4
26 January 2022
change. This is because of its place in the picture, the left side middle. This makes it a
lot easier for the viewer to understand that this is the main idea since if you look to the
right you can see that there are more than one moons which aren't enough to focus on
because it's too much to view. To sum up this paragraph the artist definitely makes good
use of the moons in the piece because it helps us realize the center of attention.
The last thing that we will talk about is the mechanism in the painting. This might
not relate to the painting but it helps us understand more about it. This painting is very
interesting because when the moon phase covers the circle with its illuminating white
presence the black is guaranteed to come out of somewhere else in the picture. Which
is a really important and cool thing to observe in the picture. We can also talk about how
much space this possibly takes in a frame. Is it possible to fit this in a room? Is it
possible to put it on the wall? It is possible to fit this picture on a wall but it will be hard
since the painting weighs a lot. There is not much to say about this, the gears are
connected to each other with a mechanical belt and the belt is connected to a small
motor that powers the entire painting's movement. To summarize this painting in one
phrase we can say. This painting helps people understand art more, people are able to
enjoy this painting like most people enjoy music. They will be curious about the origin
and the backstory of this painting. Unfortunately the artist is not very popular in the artist
community with no wikipedia and a measly 9 subscribers on youtube. However this
must be expected from a new movement taken in the art community.
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Gaby Naus
Visual Art A4
26 January 2022
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