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2020: Complete Dumpster Fire or
Year with a Silver Lining?
Speaker: You, a teenager in the year 2020
Occasion: 2020, which has been a year for the record
books, is almost O-V-E-R!
Audience: Mrs. Herold and the rest of the Herold AP
Lang gang (periods two and three)
Purpose: To clearly communicate your position on 2020
using 4+ rhetorical modes
Subject(s): Anything about the year 2020: personally, nationally, internationally!
Tone: It’s Up to YOU!
The Process
Step 1: Brainstorm: What is your purpose and your argument’s position? In other words, what do you
want Mrs. Herold and your classmates to clearly understand and believe after viewing your project?
Step 2: What are your thoughts/how do you feel about the year 2020? Write a CLAIM (thesis
statement) that clearly communicates your position on the past year and says goodbye to it. Use
the concession/refutation thesis that we have been practicing in class (Although --, your
➔ As you complete these steps, you will be making a visual aid (a box). Your thesis statement
(position) will be written on the top/lid of your box.
Step 3: What is your attitude toward the subject of 2020? Describe it in two words that fit with your
position. These words will set the TONE for your project. Every choice you make going forward needs
to develop that tone. These TONE WORDS will also be on the TOP of your box.
Step 4: Get an empty box -a shoe or tissue box would work best. Don’t spend $$.
Step 5: Write a LETTER to your classmates that includes the following:
 A greeting and appropriate opening for your audience in the letter’s introductory (first) paragraph.
How will you warm them up and get them ready to hear your message?
A clear statement of your position in the letter’s first (introductory) paragraph.
Two or more body paragraphs that include ONE of the following modes (you choose): a welldeveloped, compelling personal narrative about 2020 OR a description of a particular moment in
2020. You are using this narrative or description as EVIDENCE for your position, and the mode you
choose should be presented with that in mind.
© Allison Walton with modifications by H. Downey and D. Herold
A concluding paragraph that reinforces your purpose . . . to change your audience’s mood or mind
about 2020. Leave them agreeing with you!
Your letter will go inside your box.
Step 6: Choose FOUR (4) of the mode activities below. Complete one on each side of the four sides
of your box.
Description: Draw or print a picture of something that you have found to be invaluable during
quarantine. Use IMAGERY to describe it by surrounding the picture with 3-5 sentences that engage
your audience’s SENSES!. Make sure the TONE of your sentences matches the tone words you
Comparison: You’ve seen the “If 2020 was a ____” memes. Create a comparison meme of
your own (do not plagiarize one you have seen! I have seen them all! Yes, even that one!) and
EXPLAIN the comparison that your meme makes. Why is this a good metaphor for 2020?
Process: Provide a step-by-step account of how to survive a year like 2020 (minimum of five
steps). This should read like directions.
Cause and Effect: #BeCauseCovid…so?? Think of something that only came about
#BeCauseCovid. So, what was the effect? (Ex. “BeCauseCovid I have realized I need a hobby
SO I learned to bake bread and got a bunch of house plants.) Write your sentence in the
middle and surround it with other relevant hashtags. (ex: #plantmom, #givemeallthecarbs, etc.)
Division/classification: Take 2020 and divide it into four or more components that support
your thesis. Draw a flowchart or a graphic organizer to show how you’ve divided and classified.
Compare and Contrast: Draw a Venn diagram. Label one circle 2020 and the other circle any
other year in your life. Fill in the circles and the overlaps to compare this year with the other.
Have at least six ways they are similar/different.
Definition: The Oxford English dictionary is already on the hunt the THE WORD of 2020. What do you
think it should be? Identify the word and its definition. Include an example of how the word would be
used in a sentence.
Step 7: Exemplification: put FOUR items inside your box that will function as evidence that supports
your thesis. Be able to explain how or why these items EXEMPLIFY 2020 for you.
Step 8: Decorate your box to complement your tone words. Place your thesis prominently on the
top/lid of the box. Organize the four modes/sides in the way that best supports your thesis and
advances your purpose.
Step 9: Record yourself on FLIPGRID explaining your box. I will put the FLIPGRID link in our class
TEAMS. Start with your thesis and tone words. Show and explain how each one of the items in your
box support your thesis (do this one by one). Then, show and explain each of the sides of your box.
In the time remaining, read all of (or excerpts of) your letter. NOTE *FlipGrid allows for students to
see and comment on one another’s work. I have this feature turned ON, but if you are not comfortable
and would like your FLIPGRID to be private, please let me know, and I will send you a new, private link.
Step 10: when you have completed recording your FLIPGRID, submit your letter to Blackboard.
Due on or before Sunday, December 20th.
© Allison Walton with modifications by H. Downey and D. Herold
Argumentative Letter—6 pts
Will be graded using the 6 point AP Argument Rubric –
Make sure you have a clear claim/thesis and well-elaborated evidence.
FlipGrid Video/Sides of Box—4 pts.
The sides of the box/your explanation are scored out of 4.
If I am unable to adequately see the sides of the box in the video or if the quality of your work is
poor/sloppy, sides cannot receive a score. You can submit pictures in Blackboard.
Work/presentation shows little to no understanding of the
rhetorical modes presented.
Needs Improvement
Work/presentation shows some understanding of the rhetorical
modes presented but there are multiple flaws in presentation.
Work/presentation shows a basic understanding of the rhetorical
modes present. There are minimal to no flaws.
Work/presentation shows mastery of the rhetorical modes
presented and project is presented in a compelling way.
Exemplification: Evidence—4 pts.
The items in the box and your explanation will be worth 4 points
Items and/or explanation do little or nothing to support the thesis.
Needs improvement
Items are relevant to thesis but are poorly explained.
Items connect to thesis and are explained in basic terms.
Items connect to thesis and are explained in a way that clearly
enhances the overall argument.
Box Décor: Does your box reflect the TONE you chose? 4 points
No décor or décor is very sloppy
Needs improvement
Décor is neat but does not connect to tone
Décor is neat and connects to tone
© Allison Walton with modifications by H. Downey and D. Herold
Décor is exceptional with clear and obvious connections to tone
© Allison Walton with modifications by H. Downey and D. Herold