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Ethnic and Religious Groups of Africa
1. Which statement regarding African culture is correct?
A. Most people in Africa speak just one language.
B. There are many different languages and cultures in Africa.
C. African culture has not been influenced by other countries.
D. African culture has not had an influence in other countries.
2. Which term refers to a group of human beings whose members identify
with one another based on common language, culture, or history
A. clan
B. minority
C. ethnic group
D. religious group
3. If you are describing someone who is a member of the Ashanti people,
what are you describing?
A. Ethnic group
B. Language
C. Religious group
D. Education
4. Northern Africa has a large population of this ethnic group...
A. Swahili
B. Bantu
C. Christian
D. Arabs
5. The Ashanti people are mainly found where?
A. Africa
B. Kenya
C. Nigeria
D. Ghana
6. Which two religions are the most common in Africa?
A. Islam
B. Judaism
C. Buddhism
D. Christianity
7. What is the difference between an ethnic group and a religious group?
Select the TRUE statement.
A. Individuals cannot choose which ethnic group they belong to.
B. Individuals cannot choose which religious group they belong to.
C. Those who are part of the same ethnic group always share common interests.
D. Religious Groups have the same ancestors.
Ethnic and Religious Groups of Africa
8. What the belief that natural physical entities,
including animals, plants, and features of the earth, have a spiritual essence?
A. Shintoism
B. Animism
C. Confucianism
D. Islam
9. The Golden Stool is sacred to which ethnic group?
A. Arabs
B. Ashanti
C. Swahili
D. Bantu
10. The main religion of the Arabs and Swahili is....
A. Traditional African Religion
B. Christianity
C. Islam
D. Judaism
11. Which best describes the Bantu people?
A. group of nomadic people in the Sahara Desert
B. a separate in the northern part of Africa
C. a group of people that live only in towns and cities with very few farmers or animal
D. many types of different people who share a related language and some cultural
12. Which of the following are major ethnic groups found in Africa?
A. Ashanti, Persian, Kurd, Swahili
B. Arab, Kurd, Persian, Muslim
C. Ashanti, Arab, Bantu, Muslim
D. Ashanti, Arab, Bantu, Swahili
13. Which of the following are major religious groups found in Africa?
A. Arab, Christianity, traditional beliefs
B. Christianity, Islam, traditional beliefs
C. Islam, Persian, Swahili
Ethnic and Religious Groups of Africa
D. Judaism, Christianity, Islam
14. What religion do most Arab Africans practice?
A. Christianity
B. Islam
C. Judaism
D. Hinduism
15. Why was learning Arabic important for those who became Muslims?
A. The Quran/Koran is written in Arabic.
B. Arabic is easy to learn.
C. Arabic was the only written language.
D. Muslims were required to only speak Arabic.