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Good afternoon. Today I am here to discuss how AI can and should be used in many
businesses. More specifically, today I will be using the example of a start-up marketing
company or agency. The company that I am talking about is SHOWem Limited which was
established in September 2020, during the heart of the COVID-19 pandemic, in order to help
many small businesses, advertise and market themselves whilst the United Kingdom emerged
from the endless cycle of lockdowns. This company currently has two offices in London and
Birmingham, and it is obviously looking to expand when the time is right.
As I have given you a brief overview of the start-up company that I believe Artificial
intelligence would work perfectly for, I will proceed to list many of the benefits of AI.
Firstly, AI reduces human error which many of us know can be a serious issue at times.
“Human error” essentially implies that it is natural for humans to make mistakes from time to
time and this is certainly the case, but correctly programmed AI uses algorithms to ensure
that the chance of errors is hugely reduced. Furthermore, AI is very useful because of its
constant availability. Most human beings work for a certain number of hours a day without
taking breaks, however AI consists of heavily coded robots and machines that can work for
24 hours, 7 days a week. How fantastic! Moreover, AI will help businesses make faster
decisions. By using AI along with other technology, decisions will be able to be made faster
than any human could imagine. It is part of a human’s nature, to decide on verdicts after
considering matters from an emotional or practical perspective, however AI removes these
factors to come to faster choices. Finally, AI will aid those who find their jobs rather boring
and repetitive. In an average day, certain mundane activities are repeated by humans,
examples include proofreading documents and replying to emails. By using Artificial
Intelligence, unexciting tasks can be automated. After listing several advantages of using AI,
surely using AI is a no brainer!
AI clearly has several benefits but how it be used in SHOWem’s processes? Well, this
marketing company could benefit from AI-powered content such as financial statistics sheets.
At the moment, the AI machines are equipped with the skill to create profit and loss
summaries and real time stock insights. Furthermore, all of the content produced by AI
machines are designed to look as authentic as possible and make it look as though the content
was written by human beings. AI can also predict customer engagement at SHOWem as AI
machines have the power to collect data, build a predictive model, and test and validate that
model based on the interactions of human customers. AI can help provide intelligent chatbots
for a website. Clever chatbots can provide magnificent customer support online and this will
help to boost positive customer experience in the early days of SHOWem as a marketing
Without a doubt, AI is the future, and it is here to stay. AI has can serve humans in several
ways: transportation, healthcare, media, customer service and manufacturing just to name a
few. In a few years, AI will show itself to be a positive and dominant force on this planet.
Every sector in your company will be improved by AI so do not hesitate to invest today!