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Sustainable Evolution of the Auto Industry
Name: ___________________________ AM / PM
Historically, the automotive manufacturing industry has not focused on sustainable practices. Traditional
assembly-line manufacturing processes – many still in use today – use huge amounts of energy, metals,
plastics, toxins, and manpower; all leaving behind a massive carbon footprint.
On top of that, once vehicles are produced, most require fossil fuels to operate, which subsequently releases
harmful emissions. The entire process has a vast environmental impact.. However, the auto industry and
automotive repair shops participate in many recycling programs that are greatly adding to the health of the
planet. This project challenges you to explore three topics:
1. How you feel about sustainability
2. How the automotive industry practices sustainability
3. Local recycling companies you can use as you embark on your automotive career
Grading Rubric - List or underline 3 things you MUST do to get a 100 in the EXCEEDS STANDARDS box
Students evaluate current
solutions and develop new
ones to improve recycling
practices in the auto
Developing Possible
Use academic vocabulary
and skills to demonstrate
your knowledge of invasive
species as this topic is
connected with the auto
CDOS 2 Integrated Learning
Introduce a topic and
organize ideas to create a
unified presentation easily
understood by others.
CCWS 11-12.2A
Exceeds Standards
(100 - 90)
Meets Standards
(89 - 70)
Approaches Standards
(Under 70)
Presentation includes all
components listed in
procedures. Current
solutions are thoroughly
evaluated. New
solutions are rational,
doable and directly
relate to the auto
Presentation includes all
components listed in
procedures. Current
solutions are evaluated.
New solutions are
directly related to the
auto industry.
Presentation includes a few
components listed in
procedures. Current and new
solutions are not clear or
Academic language is
correctly used in all short
responses. All new
vocabulary is used in the
correct context.
Answers are clear and
concise with a
professional tone.
Academic language is
used frequently and
correctly. All new
vocabulary is used in the
correct context.
Academic language is
sporadically used, not always
in the correct context.
Presentation is well
organized. Each new
idea builds off of the
previous. Claims are
supported by graphics,
data and tables.
Presentation is well
organized. Claims are
supported by graphics,
data and tables.
Presentation is not well
organized. Graphics, data and
tables are not included.
Slide 1
Title Page
To Do
Your name
Teacher’s name
AM or PM
A catchy title
An image of your choice
How many Earth’s you accumulated in the Carbon Footprint Activity
Slide 2
Define ‘sustainability’’ in your own words.
According to the number of Earth’s needed to sustain our class, we are using too
many resources. What is one resource we are using too much of?
Where does this resource come from?
Are we in danger of running out of this resource? How much does it cost?
What is one way to use less of this resource? Would you consider doing this?
Add images or a data table to support your ideas.
Slide 3
Solutions to
What is one item that you use regularly that you can start REUSING for
something else?
What is one SPECIFIC way that you will improve your recycling habits?
How can you REDUCE your consumption habits? What is one thing you can
give up or use less of? Be specific… how will you change your habits?
How can the United States practice better sustainability habits? Be specific…
need more information than ‘recycle more’.
Slides 4, 5, 6
Auto Industry
This site lists statements, facts: Choose
one fact from the list on the site and research it DEEPLY :)
Your job is to prove that your chosen fact is true.
See the example in the slides for assistance. You CANNOT choose the example.
Slide 7
Your Business:
Prepare for the
possibility that you
may own or work
for an auto shop
Slide 8
Your Driving
How can you
improve your
driving to save
gas or wear and
tear on your
Slide 9 References
Find real companies near your home that you could use for each type of recycling Include the name of the company, address and phone number.
petroleum solvent / mineral spirits
Read this website:
What are at least 6 habits you would be willing to change in order to drive in a
more sustainable manner?
According to the website,
if you are driving at a speed of 70mph, by what percentage is your fuel efficiency
decreased by?
Be sure to list all of the websites or publications you used for your research:)
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