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2.2 Ohm’s Law
1) In a simple series circuit, 12 V is applied across a circuit which has 4 Ω of resistance. Find the
current in the circuit.
2) If the current in a wire is 2 Amps and the voltage across the wire is 10 V, find the resistance.
3) Which voltage would cause a current of 500 Mili-amps in a circuit that has a resistance of 24 Ω?
4) A 330 Ω resistor is connected to a 5.0 V battery. Find the current at the resistor.
5) In a flashlight, a battery provides a total of 3.0 V to a bulb. If the bulb has an operating
resistance of 5.0 Ω, find the current through the bulb.
6) The current through a 10 Ω resistor is 1.2 Amps. What is the voltage applied to the circuit?
7) The voltage across a resistor measures 40 V and the current through it measures 4.0 Amps.
Determine the circuits’ resistance.
8) For each of the resistors shown below, use Ohm’s law to calculate the unknown quantity. Be
sure to put your answer in proper engineering notation and use the correct units.