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RCC_Eng_L1_Day 4
There was once a kitten that had no home. It saw a den
and said, “I’ll live in this den. It’s clean and dry.”
“This is our den! Go away!” shouted the
foxes. The kitten ran away.
It saw a cave and said, “I’ll1ive in this cave. I’ll
be safe and warm here.” Out of the cave came a
big bear, growling “Get away from my cave!”
Then the kitten saw a house. It rested on the steps. A little girl in
the house saw the kitten on the steps. She came out with a bowl of
milk. “Here’s something to drink. Please stay with me and be my
friend. The kitten did just that!
2. Where did the kitten go when the foxes and
the bear chased it away?
(A) To the playground
(B) To the marketplace
(C) To a little girl’s house
(D) To the school
1. What was the kitten looking for?
(A) A friend
(B) Some food
(C) Its mother
(D) A home
3. Fill in the blank in the sentence below with
the right word from the box.
The little girl gave the kitten some
to drink.
4. “Please stay with me and be my friend.”
Why did the little girl say this?
(A) Because she didn’t like kittens
(B) Because she wanted a friend
(C) Because she liked dogs better
(D) Because her mother wanted a kitten
5. Fill in the blank below using 3 words of your own.
If I saw a homeless kitten I would
6. It saw a den and said, “I’11live in this den. It’s clean and dry.”
The underlined word in the sentence above is the opposite of
(A) Hot
(B) Cold
(C) Wet
(D) Windy
7. Match the words correctly to their meanings in 8. Tick the right words from the brackets.
(A) Ask
(that/ those)
policeman the way to the hospital.
very beautiful.
(This/ These) flowers are
(Those/This) children
over there are my friends.
(These /This) book
belongs to Arjun.
9. Do as directed:
(A) I like to eat apples.
(Underline one naming word)
(Underline one action word)
(B) Children played in the park.
10. Fill in the blanks with the opposites of the underlined words. Choose the right words from
the box.
(A) Tea is hot, but ice cream is
when we are happy.
(B) We cry when we are sad and
11. Fill in the blanks with ‘a’, ‘an’, or ‘the’.
umbrella with him when he went out.
(A) Father took
(B) I saw
tiger at the zoo.
(C) I opened
window to let
beautiful sunlight in.
12. Tick the sentence with the capital letters and the full stops in the right place.
(A) father always tells Raja a story at bedtime
(B) Father always tells Raja a story at bedtime.