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Do Now Activities
1/27-Draw the symbol that represents the following words. If you don't know a symbols for the word, make one up!
America, School, Car, Bus, Teacher Cafeteria, Hospital, Police, Stop, Yield, Battery, Lightbulb, Wire.
1/28What rule is the most violated in science class?
1/29- What does the world Series mean in the following word "World Series" Training in a "series" of exercises
1/30- When things are in parallel they run next to each other but never meet. Railroad tracks run parallel to each
other. Name 5-7 other things that run parallel to each other.
1/31 How are Christmas lights wired? In series or in parallel
2/3 Label the following diagrams "series or parallel"---- no pics on web page
2/4 Pick series or parallel for the following answers to the following questions 1. How are the batteries wired in a
flashlight to get the most glow out of the bulb? 2. How are the appliances in your home wired? How are holiday
lights wired?
2/5 Sometimes students in science class finish with the electricity materials and try new things. I have seen some
students use two batteries, connect three bulbs etc. Draw an electrical diagram of what you did and explain what
2/6 Will the bulb light? why or why not? ---pic not on web
2/7-snow day
2/10 Answer the following four questions and explain your answer
1.Draw a battery, bulb and wire so they light
2. List 2 conductors of electricity, What are conductors made of?
3. In a series circuit, what happens when you unscrew a bulb?
4. In a parallel circuit what happens when you unscrew a bulb?
2/11 Draw the following and give a real life example.
Draw Real life example
Lines that intersect
Lines that are perpendicular
Lines that are parallel
angle of 90 degrees
angle of 180 degrees
2/12 Review the rules
2/14 What can magnets do? 7-10 things that magnets can do with complete sentences
2/18-2/21 Snow week
2/24 In many car junk yards there are large cranes with magnets at the end of them that lift the cars into the crusher.
How can the people turn the magnetism on and off?
2/25 Draw the following figures and describe their faces ,angles, points etc.
Draw Figure Describe
Rectangular prism
Pentagonal prism
Triangular prism
2/26 Explain how a compass works and how you use it to find out how to get around?
2/27 160 skaters pre-registered for the race. 32 did not show up to the start of the race. Another 47 registered at the
start of the race. To find out how many skaters started the race you would? A) add, then subtract B )add, then add
again C) subtract then add D) subtract, then subtract again. Find out the answer
2/28 no school- inservice
3/3 Which way does a compass point? North, South, East, or West?
If the Sun rises in the east and sets in the west, what direction is the sun located at noon?
3/4Make a top five list of science topics you would be interested in working on. It is important that you pick
something you like because you will be working on it for over a month! Keep it simple. Here is a list of topics that
we have studied so far in this class
- measuring time
-Simple machines
-Forces that cause motion
-wildlife trade
3/5 Find the area and perimeter of the following 3 figures
square 4*4
triangle 4*4
rectangle 4*8
3/6 Draw a Venn diagram comparing a science investigation to a science research project( a venn diagram is two
circle intertwined)
3/7 AS the amount of coils areound an electromagnet increases the the magnetic strength of the electromagnet
1)increases 2)decreases
Which way does a compass point? N S E W
3/10 Add or Subtract the following fractions
1/2 +1/2
3/11 Write down the procedures for one of the following tasks.
-Make a PB+J sandwich
-Open a can
-Eat an Oreo Cookie
-Brushing your teeth
3/12 Write the coordinates of the following points (Need the graph in the class)
3/13Tell me how to do something. Give details and be specific
ex: Make a PB+J sandwich, Have a good morning, Program a VCR
1.True or False? When electricity runs through a wire does it create a magnetic field?
2. List 10-30 things that use an electric motor
3/17-Period A&B 1. Number a sheet of paper 1-40
2. Answer the following question on the back of the paper.
What math topics or questions are you not good at?
3/18- Period C&D 1. Number a sheet of paper 1-40
2. Answer the following question on the back of the paper.
What math topics or questions are you not good at?
3/19 All periods 1. Number your paper 1-50
2. Write a math problem in an area that you aare weak in- explain how to solve the problem.
(3-5 sentence minimum)
3/20 Period A&B 1. Write down the topic of your science fair project
2.List 9-10 words or phrases that are related to the topic you metntioned in one
ex: 1.Effects of windex on plant growth
2. -photosynthesis Pollution
-Transpiration Windex
-Gardening plant
Leaf roots
glass cleaner plant cell
3/21 Period C&D 1. Write down the topic of your science fair project
2.List 9-10 words or phrases that are related to the topic you metntioned in one
ex: 1.Effects of windex on plant growth
2. -photosynthesis Pollution
-Transpiration Windex
-Gardening plant
Leaf roots
glass cleaner plant cell
3/24 What are the effects of talking when the teacher is giving directions? or what are the effects of your classmates
talking when the teacher is giving directions (3-5 sentences)
3/25 What are the effects of getting out of your seat without permission? or whatare the effects of your classmates
getting out of their seats without permision?
(3-5 sentences)
3/26 What are the effects of calling out an answer instead of raising your hand? (3-5 sentences)
3/27 What is the procedure for entering the room? If you forgot, how should you enter the room? (step3 -end)
3/28 With a week and a half left If you have any questions about the science fair now is the time to ask, write at least
5 down everyother line. they will be answered over the weekend and returned to you on Monday
1. Draw three columns on your paper
2. Tell me everything your know about igneous, sedimentary and metamorphic
4/1 Venn Diagram Igneous, metamorphic and sedimentary rocks
4/2 Tell me 5 interesting things about Colon Powell and his Grand Canyon adventures
4/3 Using the q matrix write 2 questions about the Grand Canyon with the begginings from each colored box. ( you
should have 8 questions total
4/4 Brain Drain for the quiz Name and describe the three diffenet types of rocks.
Where are the oldest fossils found in the layers of sedimentary rock?
4/7 Why would a bottle of hydrocholric acid be a useful tool for a geologist in the Grand Canyon? (3-5 sentence
3-5 sentence response
4/8 (review) How are Metamorphic Sedimentary and Igneous rocks formed?
3- 5 sentence response
4/9 1. Explain why a glass breaks when you put water in it and put it in the freezer? (2-3 sentence response)
2. Explain why the sidewalk becomes uneven near trees (2-3 sentence response)
4/10 Explain in your own words, a description of the following.
Boulder, Rock, stone, pebble gravel, Grain of sand (5-7 sentence response)
4/11 1. How would the size of the rocks effect rain water that fall upon them. (2-3 sentences response)
2. What are the three diffrent types of rocks (clue: one kind is sedimentary) How is food in a super market grouped?
Are there any simularities betwenn classifying food in a supermarket and classifying different types of rocks?
4/14 List 3-4 places where you find sand.
What is sand? Where did it come from? (2-3 sentence response)
What came first, the sand or the sandstone? What proof do you have?
4/15ANSWER TWO OUT OF THREE OF THE FOLLOWING, with 3-5 complete sentences
How do plants wear down rocks?
What is oxidation?
What are two types of weathering? Give examples of each
4/16 Draw and describe the following
beach, delta, plain, floodplain, meander, valley, dune, plateu, canyon, mountain
4/28 Welcome back from spring break! REfresh your memory. Define and draw the following.
Flood plain
Below are the types of fossils found in two rock layers at the Grand Canyon
Toroweap layer- Sponges, corrals, Brachiopods, clams, snails, crinoids)
Coconino Sandstone - Reptile and insect tracks
How could sea creature fossils be found all the way in the Grand Canyon?
How can reptile and Insect tracks also be found in Grand Canyon Fossils?
4/30 Develop your watercycle/water runoff vocabulary
Use a dictionary to define the following words
5/1 When you breathe in, what are you breathing in?
A) Air
B) just oxygen
When you breathe ou, What do your lungs breathe out?
A) Oxygen
B) Carbon Dioxide
C) Both Oxygen and Carbon Dioxide
5/5 List all the events in your life from today all the way back till when you were born
5/6 What time line is done properly (see pic in class) Why? (3-5 sentences)
5/7 Where have you seen or heard of the following.
Oxygen, Silicon, Aluminum, Iron, Calcium, Sodium, Magnesium. 1-2 paragraphs
5/8 If there are 100 words printed on a page. How many pages would it take to have 1 million words. Have you ever
read a book with that many pages?
5/9 What will angle X be if a tennis ball hits the asphault at 60 degree?
5/12 Why do you think we know more about Earth's recent history than we do about it's past?
5/13 1.What is a fad?
2. Name some fads ex. pokemon, swing dancing, Disco dancing
3. How can fads tell you when a person lived? ex. Disco dancing- 1970's Big hair- 1980's Grunge -early 1990's
5/15 What evidence do we have that dinosaurs existed? How certain can we be?
5/16 What plant would make a good index fossil?
Alpha plant
-Species lived for only 100 years
-Species lived worldwide
-Fossils can be found easily
Beta Plant
-Species lived for 66 million years
-Species only lived on the island of Fiji
-Fossils are rare
5/19 Consider the following pairs of events. Which do you think occured first in each pair? why do you think so?
Dinosaurs appear, Dino saurs become extinct
Bees appear, flowering plants appear
Trilobytes appear, Fish with the first backbones appear
5/20 Llist 5-10 rock names you know or have heard in science class
Describe what each rock looks like
5/21 Fill out the following chart
How it is formed
Igneous rock
Sedimentary Rock
Metamorphic rock
5/22 What is a crytal? Where have you seen crystals?
Do you know any uses that crystals have?
5/23 What came first the bee or the flowering plant?
What written history? or humans
HOw is igneous, sedimentary, and metamorphic rocks formed?
Fast cooling lava gives you ___________ crystal size.
Slow cooling lava gives you _______________ crystal size
5/27 Name the type of environment each of these living creatures lives in
3) seagull
4) Snail
5) Elephant
7) Frog
8) Polarbear
Why do these creatures live in one type of place? Why can't they move?
5/28 What kind of rock comes from cooling lava that spews out of a volcano?
What can you conlude about the types of rock found around volcanoes?
5/29 KWL -Tell me one thing you learned about volcanoes yesterday
Tell me 5 things you know about Volcanoes.
Tell me 3 thiuns you want to learn about volcanoes
5/30 Review for today's quiz
1. Define lithosphere
Domed mountain
2. Where do you find the oldest rock layers in the Grand Canyon?
3. What type of environment did the following rock layer form in if it had the following fossils: Sponges and corrals
4. How does igneousm sedimentary and metamorphic rocks form?
6/2 1. Is a fossil a piece of the actual animal that existed or is it an impression it left behind?
2 What fossil came before the other the star or the triangle? (picture in class) -Law of strafication
6/3Copy the following vocab into your notebooks. This will be on the quiz friday
Mantle- Earth layer of hot dense rock material
Uplift When plates push toward each other forming mountains and hills
Volcanic zones- Where volcanos form
Plates- Giant pieces of outer crust
Fault- Whear rocks break
6/4Fill in the following chart. This chart will be on the quiz friday!
3 types of rocks
How the rock is formed
Lava and magma cooling
Heat and pressure
Deposition and Cementation
6/5 Copy the following vocabulary into your notebook
Rock Cycle: Slow endless process of rock changing form
Sediments loose bits of rock and other materials
Batholik When magma forces it way between layers of unchanged rock
6/6 Review questions for the quiz
Mantle, Uplift, Volcanic Zone, Plate, Fault, Rock cycle, sediments, Batholik
Fill in the following chart
3 types of rocks
How the rock is formed
6/9 Copy the following Vocabulary into your notebook
Weathering: The process of wearing down solid rock
Erosion: The carrying away of little pieces of rock.
Deposition: The dropping of sediment
Strata Sedimentary rock formed in layers
1. List as many famous scientists as you can.
2. For each scientist you listed, write what they did. How is the world better because of them
Tell me what you learned about the following topics
Simple machines
Force and motion
Electricity and magnetism
Earth history
What was the worst topic covered in science class? Why? What can I do to make it bettter?
Here is a list of topics we covered
Simple machines
Force and motion
Electricity and magnetism
Earth history
6/13A the park note all the example of weathering erosion in the sidewalk and road. ( Cracks, uneven sidewalks due
to tree growth etc.)
6/16 Prepare yourself -take a seat and sit quietly
6/17 Read the following letter
Dear upstairs 6th grade scientists
I'm glad I have had the opportunity to get to know you as scientists and as the future leaders of tommorow. It has
been a pleasure teaching you this year. Have a great summer!