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Nia Madnani
Ms. Taggart
English 8, 10
Roald Dahl uses the different types of irony to create suspense in Lamb to the Slaughter, In the
short story, Mary Maloney kills her husband using a lamb leg because her husband seems mad
and has bad news to deliver Mary calls the cops and pretends, she doesn't know how her husband
is dead. Roald Dahl uses irony to create suspense to the situation. An example of that is,
“Probably right under our very noses. What you think Jack? (Dahl paragraph, 17).This quotation
shows situational irony. The reader knows that the charcters juts ate the murder weapon. The
charcters in the story such as the detectives don't know that they just ate the murder weapon. It
also displays verbal irony. From earlier in the passage Mary Maloney showed love towards her
husband, Patrick Maloney. When Patrick was trying to deliver the bad news to Mary, she was
afraid and decided to kill her husband. The reader would never except Mary to do that because of
her affection towards her husband in the beginning of the story. Another example is, Alright, she
told her self. I've killed him" (Dahl 8). In this quotation, Mary Maloney is thinking to her self
about killing her husband. She comes to terms with what she did and decides to go on as normal.
Mary is accepting the face that she killed her husband before she goes into denial. This displays
verbal irony because you would never except her to kill her husband based on who she described
him in the beginning of the story, both the reader and charcter didn't see it coming. In
conclusion, Roald Dahl used different types of irony to create suspense in Lamb to the Slaughter