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1. Each food we choose is a collection of: __________________
2. Food is broken down into __________________ that help run the body’s
3. Foods containing protein are: __________________________________
4. Protein is made of units or monomers called _________________
5. What elements are found in protein: _________________
6. Match up protein type with function: write the # beside the letter
a. Helps material move through cell membrane
1. structural
b. Speeds up cell processes like food breakdown
2. hormonal
c. Builds organs and tissue
3. transport
d. Supports muscle movement
4. enzymatic
e. Signals cell messages
7. Foods containing carbohydrates are _____________________________
8. Carbohydrates are made up of units or monomers called ______________
9. Cells in our body use carbs for ________________
10. What do carbohydrates do in our cell membranes? ____________
11. The scientific name for fat is _________________
12. Foods with fat are ____________________________ and the elements
___________ are found in fat.
13. Fat is made up of units or monomers called _____________________
14. Fats function to ____________________________________ and our cell
membranes are made of ____________________________
15. What does hydrophilic mean?____________________________
16. Which part of the phospholipid is hydrophilic? ____________
17. What does hydrophobic mean? ___________________________
18. Which part of the phospholipid is hydrophobic? _____________
19. What does the body do with the message of processed food?
20. Label the nutrients on this cell membrane:
A ____________
A1 ________________
A2 ________________
B ______________
G ______________