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IDF SEA members
The IDF South-East Asia Region currently represents 11 diabetes
national diabetes associations in six countries and territories.
Information about IDF SEA members can be viewed by clicking on
the country links below.
IDF Centres of Education
An IDF Centre of Education is a diabetes institution/member
organization designated by IDF to form part of an international
collaborative voluntary network to initiate, coordinate, facilitate
and conduct high quality education for multidisciplinary healthcare
professionals in diabetes and other related chronic diseases.
IDF Centres of Education in the IDF South-East Asia Region:
All India Institute of Diabetes, Raheja Fortis Hospital - Mumbai,
Chellaram Diabetes Institute - Pune, India
Dr. Mohan's Diabetes Education Academy - Chennai, India
Diacon Hospital (Diabetes Care & Research Center) - Bangalore,
Jothydev's Diabetes Research Centre (JDC) - Trivandrum, India
M.V. Hospital for Diabetes & Prof. M. Viswanathan Diabetes
Research Centre - Chennai, India
Swasthya (Yash Diabetes Specialities LLP, All India Institute of
Diabetes and Research) - Ahmedabad, India
Sunil's Diabetes Care n' Research Centre Pvt. Ltd. - Nagpur, India
TOTALL Institute of Health Education - Indore, India
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LAST UPDATE: 03/03/2020
India is one of the 7 countries of the IDF SEA region. 463 million
people have diabetes in the world and 88 million people in the SEA
Region; by 2045 this will rise to 153 million.
Total adult population : 859,956,100
Prevalence of diabetes in adults : 8.9%
Total cases of diabetes in adults : 77,005,600
IDF member(s) in India