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Title of the Research Study
People who did the study
Biological Principles 1 Laboratory, Kennesaw State University
Provide background information for the
work being described, including the
problem or question being addressed as
well as its importance. Why should people
care about this project?
Before you start writing the
introduction, make an outline of the order
you need to introduce vocabulary and
concepts for someone to fully understand
this experiment. Then write the
introduction, following the order of the
Discuss major steps of the experiment. Provide a paragraph of your methods in narrative form; do not
give numbered or bulleted instructions. Use past tense. Make sure to include important details such as
specific temperatures or concentrations.
The flowchart is a restatement of major parts of methods. Use words, not pictures. Please use between
2 and 10 arrows. This can be brief—more is not always better!
Figure X. Title
In the last sentence, state the hypothesis
and prediction(s).
Whenever you give a fact, cite either the
lab manual (reference 1), the textbook for
1107 lecture (reference 2), or an outside
source. You can also cite lab lecture
Place graph here
Table X. Title
Place table of
data here
Reach a conclusion regarding the meaning and
significance of your results in the context of the
experiment by discussing the results and their
possible applications to the real world.
Don’t be afraid to put your results in context
with other experiments you have done in this
lab course! (this applies more to your final
State whether the results do or do not support
the hypothesis and prediction.
Remember, results do not “prove” or “disprove”
anything. Hypotheses are not “correct” or
“incorrect.” In science we “suggest” or “support”
and “refute” or “do not support”.
Limitations and Assumptions
Figure X. Title
If you want to include a diagram or
picture, this is the place to do it. This
figure is not required.
Figure legend (describe what the figure is
showing, what data is being presented?)
Figure legend (describe what the figure is
showing, what data is being presented?)
Results text summarizing in 1-3 sentences what the results displayed in the graph and table
show. This is a place to include information on calculations, statistics, etc.
Figure legend. Include url of any picture
you did not take or diagram you didn’t
make and provide a brief description of
the image.
Discuss things which could have gone wrong
with your experiment, or factors that could have
biased your data. Did you read an instruction
wrong? Was the equipment working? Did you
measure volumes accurately?
1. Department of Cellular and Molecular Biology,
Kennesaw State university. (2019). Lab 2: Brine
Shrimp (Artemia) Experiment.
2. Urry, L. A., Cain, M. L. 1., Wasserman, S. A.,
Minorsky, P. V., Reece, J. B., & Campbell, N. A.
(2017). Essential biology. Eleventh edition. New York,
NY: Pearson Education, Inc.