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1-1 Discussion: what can you do with managerial accounting?
Hello everyone,
My name is Shardia Marshall from Texas but I live in Louisiana. I’m a mother of three boys.
Currently, I work as a project control manager for an industrial oil and gas construction in one of
the companies in the state. I have been working for the company for 11 years. I have enrolled to
do managerial accounting because it will facilitate the extensive development of my career. As
per the definition, managerial accounting entails identification or recognition, measurement,
analysis, assessment, and interpretation of information associated with accounting. Managerial
accounting assists leaders to make reasonable financial decisions when managing their
operations. This course will add value to my qualifications and be more marketable when I am
looking for new positions in the corporate world.
When I opened the SNHU link, I got a site called which is responsible for jobs
marketing. My attention was captured by the following job positions
1). Business manager
This job entails analyst, research, and management consulting firm or in any technology-related
business. The objective of this job position is to support the planning process and operational
activities including business reviews. Additionally, it comprises a writing plan with a welldeveloped deliverable, tracking process, and timelines to meet program goals. A business
manager is required to work with internal experts of the subject matter for any project and gather
information, technical and business concepts and formulate a solid decision-making process in a
given organization. These are some of the responsibilities that are associated with this job
I developed an interest in this job position because most of its roles require managerial
accounting. For instance, writing project plans and deliverables are some of the major roles that
need managerial accounting information. The role leads to the execution of reliable decisions
that facilitate the performance of the organization.
2.) project control director
It is a job position that offers an excellent opportunity for an individual to support a wide range
of infrastructure and transit jobs. The position requires managers to work with various project
managers in senior-levels and across the whole sectors to design the best approaches to schedule
management, cost management, and change. As part of job roles, an individual will create earned
value and monitor the financial performance of a company. Also, the qualifying person will
develop project planning and budgeting, control costs and estimations for the assigned projects.
Moreover, the provision of accurate and regular project reports is a duty of a project control
I identified this job position because it is almost fully related to what I am doing currently in the
oil and gas construction company. I desire to develop my career fully through a management
accounting course to assist me to advance in the field. The position has some roles such as
maintaining project reports, a task that has been handling for a long period. The project
controller director must maintain and update project work information to help in the management
of cost estimations and expenditures.