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the study of the effects of
being fired on a bullet,
cartridge, or gun.
The metal tube through
which the bullet is fired.
The end of the barrel
attached to the action.
The projectile. They are
shaped or composed
differently for a variety of
the internal diameter or
bore of a gun barrel
a casing containing a
charge and a bullet or shot
for small arms or an
explosive charge for
a rifle, pistol, or other
portable gun
a rifle, pistol, or other
portable gun
residue deposited on the
hands and clothes of
someone who discharges
a firearm
The raised portions of the rifling are
known as lands and the recessed
portions are known as grooves.
When a weapon is fired, these lands
and grooves cut into the bullet,
putting spin on it as it travels through
the barrel of a firearm.
the open end of the barrel
of a firearm.
a small firearm designed
to be held in one hand.
a pistol with revolving
chambers enabling
several shots to be fired
without reloading.
a gun, especially one fired from
shoulder level, having a long spirally
grooved barrel intended to make a
bullet spin and thereby have greater
accuracy over a long distance.
the arrangement of spiral
grooves on the inside of a
rifle barrel.
the part of handgun ammunition
that contains the primer and
propel- lent powder to discharge
the projectile.
the path followed by a
projectile flying or an object
moving under the action of
given forces.
National Integrated Bullet
Identification System