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Security and privacy
• Security-The term "security" refers to the protection of data from unauthorized access. We
implemented security safeguards to limit who has access to the data.
• Privacy-The right to be left alone, or the freedom from disturbance or intrusion, is known as
privacy. The right to have some control over how your personal information is gathered and
utilized is known as information privacy.
Why Security And Privacy Both
• According to my opinion Security and Privacy both are important and both should have to go hand in hand .
• Maintaining Privacy of Consumer is very important for any organization.Jeopardizing privacy will not only impact the
organization's reputation but also lead to financial losses.
• On the other hand Security is also important to protect consumer’s data.Breaching of Security will lead to loss of
trust between consumers which in turn lead to organization's reputation and financial losses.
So both are important attributes for the consumer in 21st century.In fact we need to develop a system where both security
and privacy of consumers should be maintained.