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Esperanza Rising Quiz #1
After “Las Uvas”
1. Find two sentences early in the chapter Las Uvas that show Esperanza’s family
is rich.
2. When Esperanza is young, she says that she will marry Miguel. But as she
gets older, she realizes she will not be able to marry him because
a. Miguel will have to move far away when he gets older
b. she is the ranch owner’s daughter and he is the housekeeper’s son
c. Miguel has stopped talking to Esperanza
d. the wedding would cost too much money
3. Why might some bandits hate Esperanza’s father?
a. A few people who are poor and do not have much land are resentful of her
father for having lots of land.
b. They know that Esperanza’s father treats his servants very poorly.
c. Esperanza’s family is always bragging about how much money and how much
land they have.
d. The Mexican Revolution is still going on, so it is very dangerous away from
the ranch.
4. What sentence shows the moment when Esperanza knows the dead body in
the back of the cart is her dad?
a. “Esperanza could see a body in the back, completely covered with a blanket.”
b. “Mama fainted.”
c. “Esperanza felt her heart drop.”
d. “Alfonso didn’t say a word but the tears running down his round cheeks
confirmed the worst.”
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Esperanza Rising Quiz #2
After “Las Papayas”
1. What sentence best shows Esperanza’s extreme sadness at the beginning of this
a. “But when she opened her eyes, she was in her parents’ bed.”
b. “The events of last night wrenched her mind back into reality.”
c. “Her smile faded, her chest tightened, and a heavy blanket of anguish smothered
her smallest joy.”
d. “Papa and his vaqueros had been ambushed and killed while mending a fence on the
farthest reaches of the ranch.”
2. When Esperanza opens her birthday presents, the author writes, “Esperanza
methodically opened them and laid them back on the table.” What does the word
methodically tell us about Esperanza’s feelings as she is opening her presents?
a. She was unhappy. She only opened them because her mom told her to.
b. She was unhappy because she wanted better presents.
c. She was opening them slowly until she got to the best present.
d. She was excited to get so many wonderful presents.
3. Esperanza’s mother refuses to marry Tio Luis, which makes him angry. How does
Tio Luis have the ability to then make their life difficult?
a. He has threatened to kill Esperanza if her mom does not marry him.
b. He now owns the house and can kick out Esperanza’s family.
c. Even though Esperanza’s family can keep the house, Tio Luis now owns all the land
around the house and can do whatever he wants with that land.
d. He will make Esperanza marry his son.
4. Why does Miguel think moving to the USA would be better for his family than living
in Mexico?
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Esperanza Rising Quiz #3
After “Los Higos”
1. After Esperanza escapes her burning house, she watches the fire and thinks, “The
fire’s anger could not be contained.” What does this sentence mean?
a. The fire is so loud it sounds like it is yelling.
b. The fire could have been put out if firefighters had arrived.
c. The fire’s flames look angry.
d. The fire spread and burned down their whole house.
2. When Mama expresses concern about not having any papers to get into the USA,
Abuelita says, “I will arrange it. My sisters, in the convent. They can discreetly get
you duplicates.” What sentence can help the reader understand the meaning of the
word discreetly?
a. “This will be a great insult to Luis.”
b. “No one could know about this, Senora.”
c. “In California there is only fieldwork.”
d. “You have your papers but ours were lost in the fire and they forbid anyone to
enter without a visa.”
3. After the fire, why does Mama say that she will consider marrying Tio Luis?
a. She has always wanted Esperanza to attend that boarding school.
b. She realizes that Tio Luis can rebuild her house.
c. She is worried that her servants will be out of work if she does not marry Tio
d. She makes Tio Luis happy so he will not harm them while they plan how to escape.
4. At the end of the chapter, the author writes that Esperanza feels “sadness and
anger” about all that she was leaving. It’s obvious why she feels sadness, but why
does she also feel anger?
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Esperanza Rising Quiz #4
After “Las Guayabas”
1. During the wagon ride, Esperanza feels like she can’t breathe and starts to panic. What
does Hortensia do immediately after this happens?
a. She tells Esperanza to calm down.
b. She gives Esperanza a guava to eat.
c. She reminds Esperanza of the time she was brave when bandits came to their house.
d. She asks Alfonso to stop the wagon so they can get out and stretch.
2. How is this train ride different than their last one?
a. The last train ride was so crowded they had to stand the whole time. This train ride is
empty so they can sit the whole time.
b. During the last train ride, they did not have anything to eat. For this train ride, they
have plenty of things to eat.
c. During the last train ride, they were in a fancy car with leather seats and could eat in
the dining car. This time they are in a car with wooden benches and lots of peasants.
d. During the last train ride, it was only Esperanza and her dad. This time, she has Miguel
boring her with stories about trains.
3. What sentence best shows that Mama feels comfortable with Carmen?
a. “Soon, Mama was confiding in Carmen, telling her all that had happened with Papa and
Tio Luis.”
b. “Mama had always been so proper and concerned about what was said and not said.”
c. “Senora, why do you travel with the hens?” asked Mama.
d. “They talked as the train traveled through small towns.”
4. There are a few times in this chapter where Esperanza is told that she is now a poor
peasant. Write a sentence from this chapter that shows Esperanza is having a difficult
time accepting this fact.
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Esperanza Rising Quiz #5
After “Los Melones”
1. In the previous chapter, Esperanza did not enjoy the train ride. But in this chapter,
after she passes through immigration, she is thrilled to be on the train to America.
What causes her to feel so happy about being on the train?
2. How does Isabel know so much about Esperanza before she even arrives?
a. Isabel had visited Esperanza at El Rancho de las Rosas many times when she was
b. Miguel called Isabel often and sent her pictures of El Rancho de las Rosas.
c. Miguel visited his relatives many times and told them about Esperanza each time.
d. Miguel had sent letters to Isabel’s family, telling them about Esperanza and life at
El Rancho de las Rosas.
3. What happened immediately before Esperanza fainted?
a. She was extremely frustrated because she could not hear the heartbeat of the
b. Isabel was telling her about the living conditions in her new home.
c. Esperanza realized they still had to travel a long way in the truck.
d. Marta was saying rude things to her.
4. Which quote from Marta shows why she does not like Esperanza?
a. “I have never heard of El Rancho de las Rosas. Is that a town?”
b. “Well, my father died too. Before he came to this country, he fought in the
Mexican Revolution against people like (Esperanza’s) father who owned all the
c. “Just so you know, this isn’t Mexico.”
d. “They don’t want us banding together for higher wages or better housing.”
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Esperanza Rising Quiz #6
After “Las Cebollas”
1. Why does Esperanza get so upset when her mother starts singing at the beginning
of the chapter?
a. Her mother is not a very good singer.
b. Esperanza does not like the song she sings.
c. Esperanza wonders how her mom can be happy when their new home is so
crowded and dirty.
d. Esperanza could hear Alfonso and Hortensia talking in the next room.
2. After Esperanza gets upset at her mother for singing, Mama tells Esperanza
several reasons why she chooses to be happy. Which is NOT one of the reasons Mama
gives for being happy?
a. If they stayed in Mexico, Mama would be married to Tio Luis and Esperanza
would be away at a boarding school.
b. Esperanza can learn to overcome her hatred of Marta and try to be friends with
c. They were lucky to be given jobs so quickly after coming to the USA.
d. They are together.
3. Why is Isabel so concerned that Esperanza does not know how to sweep or do the
a. Isabel’s parents will be very upset with Esperanza.
b. Isabel will be at school in one week, meaning Esperanza has a short time to learn
how to do these chores by herself.
c. The babies cry a lot more if things are dirty.
d. Isabel thinks Esperanza will never learn how to do these things.
4. Why is Miguel so frustrated that he is not given a job at the railroad?
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Esperanza Rising Quiz #7
After “Las Almendras”
1. After Miguel and Alfonso show the statue to everyone, we realize that they
were getting water on the train ride so they could
a. keep the statue in water
b. keep Papa’s roses alive
c. get water to drink at their new home
d. have water to take baths
2. Why has Esperanza not left the house since yesterday?
a. It is too hot.
b. She had to take care of the babies all night long.
c. She was afraid of getting hurt because it is dangerous outside their home.
d. She was still embarrassed about not being able to sweep and did not want to
hear people making fun of her.
3. During the jamaica, Marta tries to convince people to go on strike. What does
it mean to go on strike?
a. To help the baby kittens find homes.
b. That everyone should come together to build new and better homes for each
c. That everyone should leave and find jobs somewhere else.
d. That everyone should stop working until their bosses give them more money
and better homes.
4. Choose one thing that Esperanza is going to pray for tomorrow at church.
Then explain why you think she wants to pray for that thing.
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Esperanza Rising Quiz #8
After “Las Ciruelas”
1. Esperanza had a tough first day with the babies at the beginning of this
chapter. How did Isabel immediately know this when she got home?
a. She could hear the babies crying.
b. She noticed that Esperanza looked really tired.
c. Isabel’s parents called her at school and told her to come home early to help
d. She noticed the large pile of washed diapers by the door.
2. What was Esperanza most worried about during the dust storm?
a. Her hair getting dirty.
b. The babies being scared.
c. Her mother, family, and friends who were not home.
d. The house getting damaged by the winds and dust.
3. Which sentence best describes why the dust storm was so dangerous for the
people who were outside during it?
a. “Juan, Alfonso, and Miguel arrived, their clothes stiff and brown.”
b. “All of them (were) coughing and clearing their throats every few minutes.”
c. “They took turns rinsing in the sink, the pile of brown clothes growing in the
d. “When Esperanza looked outside, she could almost see the trees, but the
dust was still thick in the air.”
4. At the end of the chapter, we learn that Esperanza’s mother has Valley Fever.
What is Valley Fever and how will it affect her mother?
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Esperanza Rising Quiz #9
After “Las Papas”
1. In the middle of this chapter, the author writes, “Alfonso and Hortensia offered to
help but they had done so much already and they did not have much to spare. Besides,
(Esperanza) could not accept their charity forever.” What phrase helps the reader
understand the meaning of the word charity?
a. “They did not have much to spare.”
b. “They had done so much already.”
c. “Now there were more bills.”
d. “Abuelita’s ankle was probably healed by now.”
2. Esperanza desperately wants to send a letter to Abuelita. Why doesn’t Esperanza
just mail a letter to her?
a. Esperanza’s uncles are watching the mail that comes into the post office, so they
would steal the letter.
b. Esperanza can’t afford to buy a stamp.
c. Esperanza does not want Abuelita to worry about them.
d. It would take too long for the letter to get from California to Aguascalientes.
3. Why does Esperanza want to work so badly?
4. Near the end of the chapter, Esperanza says to herself that, “Isabel had nothing,
but she also had everything.” What does this mean?
a. Isabel was poor, but her family was making more money every year.
b. Isabel now had lots of dolls made of yarn.
c. Isabel was poor, but all her family members were healthy.
d. Isabel was poor, but she was so excited about Christmas.
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Esperanza Rising Quiz #10
After “Los Aguacates”
1. Why do the doctors say that Mama can’t have any visitors for at least one month?
a. She is too tired to see anyone.
b. The doctors do not like people from Mexico.
c. They do not want any visitors catching a cold from her.
d. They do not want Mama to get any sicker from visitors bringing germs into her
2. Hortensia told Esperanza, “You need to get away from the camp.” Why did
Hortensia say this?
a. Esperanza was really sad about her mother, so Hortensia was trying to give her
something fun to do away from camp to help take her mind off Mama.
b. Esperanza was so sad about her mother that Hortensia thinks she would be
better off going back to Aguascalientes.
c. Hortensia was tired of going shopping at the markets and wanted to stay home.
d. She was afraid of Esperanza getting sick.
3. Why do they drive farther to buy from Mr. Yakota’s store?
4. What helps Miguel get a job at the railroad?
a. Many workers left because of the strike, which meant the railroad needed lots of
new people to work there.
b. He convinced the boss that he is the best engineer he could possibly hire.
c. Juan knew someone at the railroad company and convinced them to give Miguel a
d. Miguel offered to work for only a few pennies per day.
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Esperanza Rising Quiz #11
After “Los Esparragos”
1. What shows why the workers are afraid of the strikers?
a. “The strike continued for days.”
b. “Esperanza heard a terrible scream from one of the women.”
c. “When a guard wasn’t looking, one of the strikers picked up a rock and
threw it at the woman, barely missing her head.”
d. “The strikers stayed near the road.”
2. When immigration officials are taking people away on buses, the author
writes, “Esperanza and the other women watched the despondent faces in the
(bus) windows disappear.” What does the word despondent mean?
a. feeling hopeless
b. feeling sick
c. dirty and tired
d. people who go on strike
3. Why does Esperanza feel sorry for the strikers who are being arrested by
the immigration officials?
a. They never arrested the person who threw the rock.
b. Some of the people being forced to leave are Isabel’s friends.
c. Even some people who are US citizens are being unfairly kicked out of the
d. None of them will ever see their families again.
4. What did Esperanza do to help Marta?
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Esperanza Rising Quiz #12
After “Los Duraznos”
1. Esperanza says, “During grapes, you hate grapes. During potatoes, you hate
potatoes. And during asparagus, you hate asparagus.” What does she mean by this?
a. Esperanza does not like the taste of these foods.
b. When it’s grape season, they work with grapes for so many consecutive days
that they get tired of them. The same is true with potatoes and asparagus.
c. They do not like working with so many different types of fruits and vegetables.
d. These foods make Esperanza sick.
2. Why is Miguel forced to dig ditches for the railroad company?
a. He got tired of working on the train engines.
b. He realized he could make more money digging ditches.
c. A group of workers from Oklahoma were more skilled than Miguel, so the
company gave them his job.
d. A group of workers from Oklahoma said they would work for half the money
that Miguel received, so the company gave them his job.
3. What is one reason why Esperanza gives the doll to Isabel?
a. It is getting too dirty.
b. She wants to give Isabel something that will last a long time to show her that
being Queen of May would only last one day.
c. Before he died, Esperanza’s father told her to give it to a friend that she would
make in America.
d. Esperanza tells Isabel to give it to someone at school tomorrow.
4. At the end of the chapter, Esperanza discovers that all of her money orders are
gone. What do you think she will do next and why?
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Esperanza Rising Quiz #13
After “Las Uvas”
1. At the beginning of the chapter when the women see Alfonso near their sheds, why
does Esperanza think something is wrong?
a. Alfonso is yelling at the supervisors.
b. Alfonso had been talking about striking, so they thought he was in trouble.
c. She could hear him saying that the babies were very sick and needed the women
to help.
d. Alfonso never left the fields during the day, so Esperanza worried that he was
coming with bad news about Mama’s health.
2. Why did Miguel take Esperanza’s money orders?
a. He took them to the hospital to pay Mama’s medical bills.
b. He took them to Aguascalientes and gave the money to Tio Luis so he would let
Abuelita travel to California.
c. He wanted to find a job at another railroad company.
d. He needed the money to help sneak Abuelita out of Aguascalientes and help her
travel to California.
3. What sentence best describes the joy that Mama feels when she first sees
a. “Abuelita and Mama uttered no words that anyone could understand. It was their
own language of happy exclamations.”
b. “Mama scooted over and made Abuelita sit next to her.”
c. “Then (Mama) lifted her hand and reached out to touch her mother’s face.”
d. “Esperanza watched them cry.”
4. At the end of the story, Esperanza told Isabel, “Do not ever be afraid to start
over.” Why did Esperanza say this to Isabel?
© 2015
Esperanza Rising
End-of-Book Quiz (Page 1)
1. Esperanza’s attitude about
a. Tio Luis
b. Isabel
c. Abuelita
d. Papa
changed a lot by the end of the story.
2. Which of these is the biggest lesson Esperanza learned during this story?
a. Farm work is extremely difficult.
b. Always be thankful for your family and friends. They are more important than
having nice things.
c. Be nice to people so they owe you favors later. If Esperanza ever sees Marta
again, Marta will owe her a big favor for helping her.
d. The kind doctor is the only reason Mama survived. Esperanza learned the
importance of medicine and wants to become a doctor when she’s older.
3. Which is most likely to happen during the next year of Esperanza’s life?
a. She will continue working hard in the fields. She will feel happy that Abuelita is
there and Mama is healthy.
b. She will figure out a way to have Tio Luis murdered. Esperanza will always be
consumed with anger about the way he treated her family.
c. She will figure out how to build a bigger house. She wants Isabel to learn what
it’s like to have nice things.
d. She will realize that life in the USA is terrible and will sneak back to Mexico alone.
4. It took Mama a long time to recover from Valley Fever. Which best describes how
Esperanza handled this difficult situation?
a. Esperanza was happy Mama was gone for a long time. That meant there was no
one to tell her what to do. She felt free without Mama around her.
b. Esperanza was terrified that Mama would die. She spent most of her time
crying inside the house until Mama got better.
c. Esperanza yelled at Miguel all the time. She thought it was his fault they moved
to California and put Mama in a position to get sick.
d. Esperanza was worried, but she forced herself to conquer her fears and learn to
work harder. She knew she had to work more to help her family and friends.
© 2015
Esperanza Rising
End-of-Book Quiz (Page 2)
5. Esperanza did many new jobs when she first arrived in California. She had to clean,
cook, and take care of babies. What happened the first few times Esperanza did
these things?
a. People saw how hard she worked and gained tremendous respect for her.
b. She realized she loved doing chores like these.
c. She made lots of mistakes.
d. She made someone else do the jobs for her because she didn’t feel like doing them.
6. Which summarizes Esperanza’s attitude about the workers who went on strike?
a. She feels like they are horrible people and they deserved to be deported out of
the USA.
b. She wanted to join them, but she promised Mama that she would keep working.
Esperanza is sad she made this promise to Mama.
c. Esperanza understood why they went on strike, but she refused to join them. She
felt like she had to keep working to earn money for her family.
d. She was confused about why they were striking. She felt like the workers were
treated perfectly and were greedy to ask for anything more.
7. Which of these impacted the type of work Miguel did for the railroad company?
a. Miguel’s boss saw his amazing talent of repairing train engines.
b. Esperanza persuaded Miguel’s boss to give him the best job.
c. The dust storm made all the other workers too sick to work.
d. People who agreed to work for the least amount of money got the good jobs.
8. In the final chapter, Esperanza realizes that there are so many “mountains and
valleys.” What does this mean?
a. Life is full of good times and challenging times.
b. California is a beautiful place to live because there are mountains and valleys all
around them.
c. Making a quilt is much more difficult than she ever imagined.
d. She needs to protect Abuelita from getting Valley Fever.
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Esperanza Rising
End-of-Book Quiz (Page 3)
9. Esperanza matured a lot during this story. Besides Papa’s death, which event do
you feel had the biggest impact on this? Explain why you feel this way.
10. Compare and contrast the way Esperanza felt about her home in California during
the chapter called Las Cebollas with the way she felt about it in the last chapter?
Why does Esperanza feel differently about her home now?
© 2015
Esperanza Rising Quizzes
Answer Key #1 (Multiple-Choice Questions)
Quiz #1
2. B
3. A
4. D
Quiz #21. C2. A3. C
Quiz #31. D2. B3. D
Quiz #41. C2. C3. A
Quiz #52. D3. A4. B
Quiz #61. C2. B3. B
Quiz #71. B2. D3. D
Quiz #81. D2. C3. B
Quiz #91. B2. A4. C
Quiz #101. D2. A4. A
Quiz # 111. C2. A3. C
Quiz #121. B2. D3. B
Quiz #131. D2. D3. A
End-of-Book Quiz:
1. B
5. C
2. B
6. C
© 2015
3. A
7. D
4. D
8. A
Esperanza Rising Quizzes
Answer Key #2 (Written-Response Questions)
Quiz # 1: Any sentences about having servants, a lot of land/being a “large landowner,” or
plentiful harvest year after year should suffice.
Quiz #2: Miguel says that no matter how hard his family works in Mexico, they will always
be servants; her uncle will treat them very poorly if they remain on the ranch in
Mexico; in the USA, the work is hard, but they at least have the chance to become
more than servants.
Quiz #3: Esperanza is angry at Tio Luis for being so mean to them after her father died;
Esperanza is angry that her rude uncle is forcing her to leave her friends, school, way
of life, etc. (answers may vary)
Quiz #4: Esperanza questions her mother for talking so openly with Carmen; Esperanza
does not want to share her doll with the girl; Esperanza says they do not belong in the
same train car as peasants; (other answers also possible).
Quiz #5: Esperanza sees the train that is going back to Mexico and she is happy to be
on the train with her family and friends going to America. She can’t imagine having
to travel all this way, then go back to Mexico; she also can’t imagine being separated
from her loved ones.
Quiz #6: Since Miguel is Hispanic, the only job he can get for the railroad is digging ditches
and laying track. So even though he knows how to repair train engines, he can only
get manual labor jobs because he is Hispanic.
Quiz #7:
* For Miguel to find a job at the railroad – because he really wants to work there and
maybe could get more money for the family.
* To help take care of the babies while Isabel is at school – because Esperanza is nervous
about taking care of babies because she has never done it before.
* For white coconut candy – because it’s her favorite candy and she misses things from
* For Abuelita to get better and for her to be able to get her money out of Tio Luis’
bank – because Esperanza misses her and hopes the money can get them into a better
living situation.
© 2015
Esperanza Rising Quizzes
Answer Key #3 (Written-Response Questions)
Quiz #8: It is an infection in the lungs caused by dust spores, usually affecting adults who are
new to the area; it will cause her to have a fever on and off for weeks, in addition to
coughs, headaches, joint aches, and getting a rash. The doctor says if she survives, it may
take six months for her to regain her strength.
Quiz #9: Esperanza really wants Abuelita to join them as soon as possible; she figures her ankle
is healed by now, but is worried that Abuelita can’t get her money out of the bank. So
Esperanza wants to work so she can send money for Abuelita to travel to California.
Quiz #10: Mr. Yakota treats Hispanic people with respect, unlike many other store owners who
are racist and treat all Hispanic people poorly. Miguel’s father says Mr. Yakota is getting
rich on other people’s bad manners.
Quiz #11: Esperanza does not tell anyone that Marta is hiding; she gives Marta a bundle of
asparagus and an apron so Marta can blend in with the workers when they leave and not be
Quiz #12: Answers will vary, but should include something about working very hard to find who
took it or where it is. Whatever their answer, students should explain their reasoning.
Quiz #13: Esperanza basically started over with her life in California. Even though it was a very
difficult first year with her mother sick and Abuelita not there, Esperanza learned how
to take care of people, how to work hard, and appreciate what she has even though she is
End-of-Book Quiz Question #9: At the beginning of the story, Esperanza was a spoiled rich girl
who had lots of servants to do things for her. At the end of the story, she is a determined,
hard-working woman who does whatever it takes to help her family. Students should explain
which event in the story they feel had the biggest impact on Esperanza’s transformation.
End-of-Book Quiz Question #10: When Esperanza first arrives at her new home in California,
she is disgusted by the living conditions of their community. She is worried that she won’t
have any privacy in such a small house. She doesn’t think she is ever going to fit in. She
feels like they are going to be living like horses in this place. At the end of the story,
Esperanza has none of these feelings. Abuelita is there, Mama is healthier, and Esperanza
is content with enjoying the simple things in life. She realizes she doesn’t need a big house or
fancy things to be happy, especially when she has her family and friends.
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to be accessed by anyone other than the students who are listed on the teacher’s class
roster(s) for the current school year.
--Licenses are not transferable. If a teacher leaves his/her classroom, the resource can’t
be passed to the next teacher who takes their place. Please email me if you’d like a quote
on transferable licenses that can be passed on. ([email protected])
**The word “roster” has an (s) in parentheses is in case the recipient of the license
teaches multiple classes or groups of kids. The license allows this teacher to use this
resource for all groups of students who he/she works with on a regular basis.
If you purchased multiple licenses, these terms of use apply for each teacher who has
an extra license. For example, if you bought this product plus 4 additional licenses, then
this product can be used by 5 teachers. The same terms of use apply for all 5 teachers.
If more teachers need to use this, you can always go back into your TpT account and
purchase more licenses. Additional licenses are cheaper than the original license.
If you have any questions, please feel free to email me at [email protected]
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