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Chapter 1 Test Review
Patterns: Use a pattern to predict a figure or number in a sequence. (1.1)
Inductive Reasoning: Make a conjecture or prove it is false with a counterexample. (1.1)
Intersections: Sketch intersections of basic elements of geometry like lines and planes. (1.2)
Segments: Use segment postulates and the distance formula. (1.3)
Angles: Use angle postulates and classify angles. (1.4)
Bisectors: Apply properties of bisectors to solve problems about segments and angles. (1.5)
Angle Relationships: Apply properties of vertical angles and linear pairs to solve. (1.6)
Apply properties of complementary and supplementary angles. (1.6)
Plane Figures: Calculate perimeter, circumference, an area of figures. Know the formulas. (1.7)
Problem-solving: Make and apply a problem-solving plan (1.7)
Vocabulary: Use defined and undefined terms from all sections of the chapter.
Essential Questions
How can we use inductive and deductive reasoning to make predictions? (1.1)
Why are precise de nitions important? (1.2)
How can we accept some rules without proof? (1.3)
How do we classify angles? (1.4)
How do we nd the midpoint of a segment and a ray that bisects an angle? (1.5)
What relationships exist bet ween adjacent and non-adjacent angles? (1.6)
How can we use area and perimeter formulas to solve real-life problems? (1.7)