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Kitchen Safety Notes
How much do you know already? Mark the following statements as TRUE or FALSE:
____ 1. Grease fires should be extinguished with dry powders, such as baking soda, rather than with water.
____2. Use only pot holders, never dish towels, when handling hot pans.
____3. When washing dishes after a meal, wash the sharp knives and plates together.
____4. Wooden items should be washed and dried quickly to prevent warping.
____5. Electrical appliances should always be connected and disconnected by pulling on the cord, close to
the appliance.
____6. Wipe up spills immediately.
____7. Disinfect any surface that had been in contact with raw meat juice.
____8. Keep cabinet doors closed to prevent head injuries.
General Tips:
1. Do not touch __________________________________________ with wet hands.
2. When using knives, cut _______________________ from yourself. Use the ____________________
knife for the cutting task.
3. Use __________________________________ for handling hot pans or dishes. Do not use
__________________________________ as a pot holder.
4. Do not put ________________ in the microwave! When cooking food in the microwave, use
____________________ or plastic that has been _______________________ for microwave use.
5. To avoid slips and falls, remove ________________________ and other objects from the kitchen
area when cooking and sweep up all _____________________________.
6. To put out a grease fire, sprinkle with ________________ or cover with a ________________.
Never put _______________________ on a grease fire.
7. Check for _______________________________ of the oven racks _______________ it is preheated.
8. Do not put ___________________________ or any other food down the ___________________.
9. Keep ____________________ of pans turned to the _________________. Choose the correct
________________________ for the pan you are using. _______________ the burner before you
start to work.
10. Sweep up ____________________ dishes, place all broken glass into a ________________________
before placing in the garbage. Use a __________ paper towel to wipe up glass _________________.
Kitchen Emergencies:
1. Urge them to keep _______________________________
2. If they stop _________________________, position behind them with your dominate leg between their feet.
3. Perform ___________________________________ thrusts.
Deep Cuts:
Cover with a ________________, absorbent cloth and apply ___________________________________.
1. Do not ______________________ the victim unless it is unsafe or you are unable to properly care for them.
2. ________________________________ the injured area and __________________ (if possible)
3. Keep victim _________________________________
1. Run under ______________________________ water until pain subsides
2. ___________________________________ if necessary
Circle the health and safety hazards in the picture below. How many can you find?