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Introduction to Engineering Materials
Hand-in Homework Exercise 1
1) Determine the volume of the unit cell of FCC Aluminium and calculate the
theoretical density of Aluminium given:
RAl = 1.43Å
Atomic mass = 26.981g/g.mol
NA = 6.02 x 1023 atoms/g.mol
2) Iron carbide (Fe3C) is an intermetallic compound that has an orthorhombic
structure with a0 = 4.514 Å, b0 = 5.08 Å and C0 = 6.73 Å. Its density is 7.66
Mg/m3. Determine the number of iron and carbon atoms in each unit cell.
3) Derive the relationship between R & a0 in SC, FCC & BCC unit cells.