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1. Where is Jhoom Farming practiced?
ans. Mizoram
2. The place where Changpas keep their animals is called………….
ans. Lekha
3. The full form of LPG is……
ans. Liquefied Petroleum Gas
4. How does the warm air coming from the mouth used to cool hot
ans. because it gets mixed with the surrounding air.
5. Wind energy is a form of renewable or non-renewable form of
ans. Renewable
6. Was Sinduri like the village of Jatrya's dreams?
ans. No, Sinduri was not like the village of Jatrya's dream.
7. Kuduk language is spoken in which state?
ans. Jharkhand
8. Pashmina is a type of………
ans. Wool
9. What is the name of cleanliness mission started of India?
ans. Swacch Bharat Abhiyaan
10. What is the name of Gandhiji's ashram at Ahmedabad?
ans. Sabarmati ashram
11. What is meant by "Dignity of Labour"?
ans. The respect given to all kinds of labour is known as Dignity of
12. The magnitude of earthquake is measured on………
ans. Ricter scale
13. Sakshi Malik is associated with which sport?
ans. Wrestling
14. Name a natural fertilizer.
ans. cow dung
15. Name a few harvesting festivals.
ans. Baisakhi, Pongal, Ugadi
16. Which insect is considered a farmer's best friend?
ans. Earthworm
17.Which is the main crop of Jhoom farming ?
ans. Rice
18. Suryamani was associated with which movement?
ans. Jharkhand Jungle Bachao Aandolan
19. What is the term used for cutting a large number of trees from a
piece of land at a time?
ans. Deforestation
20. Planting of large number of trees in an area where there was no
tree previously is………………
ans. Afforestation
21. Name two movements associated with saving forests?
ans. Chipko movement and Jharkhand jungle bachao andolan
22. Petroleum extracted from ocean bed is sent to ……….
ans. Oil Refinery
23. Can polio be transferred from parents to children?
ans. No
24. Polio is caused by…………..
ans. A virus
25. …………………..twins look exactly same
ans. Identical
26. 'Oil can be found everywhere under the ground'. Is this statement
true or false?
ans. False
27. What all is obtained from petroleum?
ans. coal tar, wax, LPG, petrol, diesel,kerosene etc.
28. Which gas is used for cooking ?
ans. LPG
29. How much time does it take for oil to be formed?
ans. Millions of years
30. What is the full form of CNG?
ans. Compressed Natural Gas
31. Name two oil refineries in India.
ans. Kochi Oil Refinery (Kerala) and Mumbai refinery (Maharashtra)
32. Name two states where oil fields are found in India
ans. Assam and Gujarat
33. Ladakh gets very little rainfall - true/false
ans. True
34. The carvings on the ceiling of big houses and house boats is
ans. Khatamband
35. Where do changpas graze their goats?
ams. At higher and colder places
36. Which place is known as 'Cold Desert'?
ans. Ladakh
37. The tents where Changpas live are made of…………
ans. Yak's skin
38. Who helps to build houses in an area affected by earthquake?
ans. Engineer, architects and scientists
39. Earthquake is a …………………disaster
ans. Natural disaster
40. Deforestation is a …………………..disaster
ans. Man-made
41. When there is no rain and crops fail this can lead to which natural
ans. Drought
42. Excessive rainfall leads to
ans. flood
43.Earthquake is caused by the movement of…………..
ans. Tectonic plates
44. Cold air is light and rises.(true/ false)
ans. False , its hot air which is light and rises
45.As a result of which process do we see spectacles turning hazy when
you blow air on them?
ans. Condensation
46. Indian Constitution was prepared under the leadership
ans. Baba Saheb Bhim Rao Ambedkar
47. What were the barriers faced by Afreen and other girls from her
place for playing basketball?
ans. Gender discrimination and poverty
48. Hirakund Dam is built on which river?
ans. Mahanadi
49. Which is the highest dam in India?
ans. Tehri dam built on Bhagirathi river in Uttarakhand
50. 'It is good to grow same crop throughout the year'---true/false
ans. false