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Visual Programming (CS411)
Total marks = 20
Due Date
Assignment # 02
3rd June, 2021
Please carefully read the following instructions before attempting assignment.
It should be clear that your assignment would not get any credit if:
 The assignment is submitted after the due date.
 The submitted assignment does not open or file is corrupt.
 Strict action will be taken if submitted solution is copied from any other student or from the internet.
Lectures 7 to 15
No assignment will be accepted after the due date via email in any case (whether it is the case of load shedding or
internet malfunctioning etc.). Hence refrain from uploading assignment in the last hour of deadline. It is recommended
to upload solution file at least two days before its closing date.
If you people find any mistake or confusion in assignment (Question statement), please consult with your instructor
before the deadline. After the deadline no queries will be entertained in this regard.
For any query, feel free to email at: [email protected]
Problem Statement:
You are required to create a C# Console application using Visual Studio with the following
functional requirements:
Consider that you need to develop a system for a bank to deposit and withdraw customer
amounts. To perform these tasks you need to consider the following requirements.
You are required to use your VUID as the customer account number.
Constructor should be there to assign initial values and take input from the user.
Deposit function to deposit some amount and take input from the user.
You are required to take the first three digits of your VUID as a deposit amount. For
example, Your VUID is BS123056789 so you need to enter 123 as the deposit amount.
You will use the current account balance as 1000(fixed). No need to take it as input from
the user.
After entering the deposit amount, a message box or dialog box will appear on the screen
that will show your current balance. (Hint: You need to inherit window form
functionalities into your console application and include window form namespaces.)
After clicking ok on the dialog box, you will take the withdrawal amount as input and
this amount will be any three consecutive digits of your VUID from which at least two
digits should be nonzero. For example, Your VUID is BS123056789 so you can take
123,056 or 789 as your input.
While you input your digits on screen a windows form will appear and when you click
the “Withdrawal” button, it will perform the functionality of Event occurrence that will
first check your current balance is not less than your withdrawal amount and if your
current balance is less then it will show you an error message “Not sufficient balance”.
You can set the location of the button on-screen according to your choice.
If your withdrawal amount is less than your current balance then after clicking the button,
the program will show the remaining balance after deducting withdrawal amount.
Note: You will use the built-in delegate to pass the method (registered method name should be
your VUID) and all the withdrawal calculations will be performed under this method body.
Submission details
Following Files Must be submitted in a single zip or rar file.
 .cs code file (file name should be your VUID)
 Gif of your output
You are not required to submit the complete project, only copy required file from project
If you do not submit any of the above-mentioned file you will be awarded Marks partially.
“The End”