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St. Xavier's University Kolkata
Re: Selection of Working Committee Members for the session 2021-22.
Name - Barerah Younus (Hons.) Morning
Section - 4
Roll Number - 1185
Respected Sir/Ma’am,
I am very excited for the opportunity to apply for the Working Committee of the
XIA (The Social Work Department). Being a citizen of this planet, I want to put
myself out there and contribute towards the society. Therefore I feel that I may be
an ideal person to be the part of the committee.
Previously, I have been involved in social work events such as an Event Promoter
at Lions Club. Even last year I was involved in XIA where I helped in teaching the
under privileged children. I had also been part of the event management team.
My credentials, track record, and volunteer experience all show my unwavering
dedication to social work. I truly love helping people overcome seemingly
insurmountable predicaments, and it would be my honor to continue doing so as a
member of your team.
Thank you for your consideration and I hope for a positive response.
Barerah Younus