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This class really reinforced the fact that intention is the most important thing to do in order to
grow. Staying open to the idea that we can become even happier by genuinely becoming more
aware of one’s negative habits, or even aware of how we can even better the good habits. I
really liked reading the book “The How of Happiness”. One activity that caught my eye was the
advice about pretending to be a happy person in order to become happier. This was really
interesting and reinforced even more my understanding on the interconnection between our
behaviors and thoughts. Happiness isn’t something that is out of reach for the future, it is how
you decide to show up every day starting now. Becoming happier, like any skill, takes time and
it never stops. We are continuously growing and can always become a better person based on
our own goals. Happiness is created.
Overall, I decided to incorporate more gratefulness in my life as a way to look at the world in a
more positive way. I wrote in a journal twice per week which was easy the first week, but then I
would have something come up and forget to do it the day of. My challenge will be to find a
time and day where I can make it enjoyable, rather than it being a burden. I am thinking of
doing it over breakfast instead to see if it fits with my personality better.
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