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1. Using an energy transformation equation, show how energy is transformed
for each of the following:
a) A hotdog grilled on an outdoor BBQ
b) A truck acceleration on a highway
2. A Truck does 3.2 kJ of work pulling horizontally on a car to move 1.8 m
horizontally in the direction of the force. Calculate the magnitude of the
3. A store clerk moves a 4.4 kg box of soap at a constant velocity along a shelf
by pushing it with a horizontal force of magnitude 8.1 N. The clerk does 5.9
J of work on the box. How far did the box move?
4. A 150 g text book is lifted from the floor to the shelf 2.0 m above. Calculate
a) The force needed to lift the book without acceleration.
b) The work done by the force on the book to lift it up to a shelf.
5. An Electric forklift is capable of doing 4.0 x 105 J of work on a 4.5 x 103 kg
load, What height can the truck lift the load?
6. A student pushes against a large tree with a force of magnitude 250 N, but
the tree does not move. How much work has the student done on the tree?
178 N
73 cm
a) 1.5 N
b) 2.2 J
10.2 m
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