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5 Career Questions! Brilliant Answers to Reboot Profession - [email protected] - Gmail
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5 Career Questions! Brilliant Answers to Reboot Profession
Professional success is a dream that lives in all of us. It is not the financial gains that drives everybody
but the achievements, recognition and our value to the society that we crave for. We all understand that
success is part destiny, part hard work & part reducing resistance in our career path. Hard Work remains
an unquestioned ingredient of lasting success however since is best suited for
analysis & divination, we will focus on destiny and optimization of your talents here today.
Distillation of Management coaches, Trainers, Analysts and Gurus' teachings brings us to the 5 Core
questions as below:
1.Who to work for : Your own Self ( Business / Professional ), Work for others ( Government or
Professional Employment ), Thought leader Or Advisor, Leader of people ( Politics / Social
leadership ) OR lastly service of God & mankind ?
2.How to work : Success comes with Team playing ? Partnership / Collaborations OR Working
alone as a Solo player ?
3.Your strongest suite: Management, Communications, Art of Negotiations, Consolidation &
stabilization, Disruption & change , Relationship management OR Creativity & Invention ?
4.Geography : Success in foreign lands, In your own country but away from birth place OR In
your own country close to birth place ? Own culture or not ?
5.Your Karmic destiny : What is your karmic goal ? Is your destination Professional or Social
status ?
What do we do with these answers ? Well astrology has this uncanny ability to find clear answers on all
the above questions & funnily enough, it can answer the first part also – do you have the ability to work
hard consistently ?
The Career Reboot Report : This report uses answer to the above questions to create a path for your
professional progress:
Those who have covered a major part of their journey – can use it to evaluate and correlate past success
& failures based on this report to create a course correction and majorly reboot their career in tune with
fantastic growth opportunities on the horizon.
Those who have started their journey or about to start – can use this report to make some clear career
choices & pick their destination & route for a smoother professional journey without setbacks or wasting
5 Career Questions! Brilliant Answers to Reboot Profession - [email protected] - Gmail
Career Reboot Report Contents : This Unique Report would analyse your horoscope & help you
understand which parts of your life needs adjustments and which areas need to be emphasized. The
report would cover predictions up to 15 years, besides answers on which industries suit you & some
unique suggestions and Remedies for a great public journey of your life. It might startle you with the
revelations this report could throw up. Read More & Order.
Hopefully you will find this communication helpful. The 5 areas mentioned are important in any case, so
even a self-evaluation would shed clarity.
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