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English Language Skills II
Final Project Assignment Scoring Table
Final Project Assignment Due date: 12 June 2021 / 13:00
Please pick a mechatronics related technical text with three paragraphs from a scientific article. Please specify the title and the reference of the text, too. Make sure
your text is not same with your friends in the class (or not the same text with the previous final and midterm exams ). Then, prepare the three original questions
related to the mechatronics from the specified scientific technical text. Answer these questions using the content of the specified text (24 points).
2. Specify the three keywords for the text which are critical to understant the text. Find out the synonyms of these three keywords. Finally, define these keywords with the
sentences of the examples. (12 points).
There should be section called References. References should be specified under the title of the references of your technical composition. Write down the
references used for the specified mechatronics related text.[12 points] . You can select one reference with various pages as the three different references if you wish.
Please prefer the references obtained from Google Scholar-Yöktez-Dergipark or other scientific articles from the journals of the various sources. You may reach the
other sources from the internet using the key words of the mechatronics engineering.
Other source example to reach scientific journals via the keywords:
Example on how to specify the reference in the reference section of your composition: [1] H. Sahin, L. Guvenc, Household robotics: autonomous
devices for vacuuming and lawn mowing, IEEE Control Systems Magazine, volume: 27, issue: (2), year published: (2007), page: 20-96.
Word file in sub-sections; 1) Title 2) Text 3) References, create to include their parts.
Convert the Word file you created to Pdf format (General working order).
The same assignments of the text will be considered "cheating".
3. Please answer the questions on the following pages (52 points).
• 1st question (20 points)
• 2th question (20 points)
• 3th question (12 points)
Fill in the name of the pdf file to be File name-Student No–Student Name Last Name.
24+12+12+ 52 =Total Maximum Midterm = 100 points
Q1) Complete the sentences in
the text according to words in
the box.
The words in the box.
Q2) Complete the sentences in
the text according to words in
the box.
The words in the box.
Q3) Make correct sentences
using one part from each
• Questions about technical issues for the web page: Contact via the email address of
[email protected].
• You can contact [email protected] e-mail address to consult during or after the exam.
• Your exam results will be announced on the system and OBS after the exam end date.
All transactions you will perform during the exam will be recorded.
•It is a must to upload your work to the designated place of the course via the system. Only project reports uploaded through the distance
education system and before the deadline will be evaluated. The uploaded file must be readable.
Students are required to upload files for exams;
• You have permission for 10 uploads
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