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Hay Infusion Prac Notes
Equipment List:
1 Litre hay infusion solution (pre-prepared, steeped for at least a week)
Light microscope with base 4x magnification (with light box if required)
Glass or plastic pipettes
Glass slides and slide covers
Safety goggles
Notebook for recording results
Glass stirring rod
Metal probe
1. Gently agitate hay infusion solution with a glass stirring rod. Using a pipette, draw up
0.5mL of liquid (avoiding large debris) from the solution and drop onto a clean slide
to create a wet mount.
2. Using the probe, lower the cover slip onto the droplet.
3. Lower the microscope stage and set the microscope to 4x magnification.
4. Raise the stage and using the coarse and fine focus knob adjust until the specimen is
clear and in focus.
5. Record observations (microorganism species and bodily structures) at 4x
magnification and repeat process for 10x magnification level.
Safety Procedures
Safety goggles should be worn at all times in order to protect the eyes against liquid
Liquid from hay infusion solution should not be consumed at any time.
Should glass be broken, follow relevant clean-up procedures for your institution.
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