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Chromatography is separation technique used to separate a mixture into its individual components.
Marker Chromatography:
MnM and Skittles Chromatography:
1. Cut a strip of filter paper thin and wide enough to fit
inside a 500ml beaker.
Draw a line of pencil 3 cm from the bottom of the paper.
Dot 3 different colours of ink equally spaced along this line
2. Fill the beaker with enough water to wet the end of
the paper but not enough to cover the pencil line or
ink dots.
3. Using a pencil, gently punch a hole in the top of the
paper and thread the pencil through to suspend the
paper in the beaker.
4. Wait 5-10 minutes for your chromatography
experiment to develop!
1. Trace around the base of a 250ml beaker on a piece
of filter paper and cut out the circle. Repeat until you
have 4 circles.
2. Fill a large beaker with water and carefully wet the
bottom of an MnM or Skittle and place it in the middle
of the paper circle. Repeat this for each circle,
choosing a different colour MnM or skittle for each
3. Wait 5-10 minutes for the experiment to develop
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