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Defeat of the Aztecs Assignment
● You are going to create a WeVideo that describes the defeat of the Aztec. All of the event
and topics you need to discuss are listed below.
○ Example 1
● Each event/date should have multiple pictures/visuals that
depict the event, some information that describes the event
(can be written or spoken)
● You should try and find some music that fits into your
● You can also put actual video into your project as well
Use the following sections as guidelines for your project:
● Cortez – Who was he and why did he sail to the Caribbean
● The Conquistadors Formula
● The Aztec meet the Spanish The Spanish learn about the
● How did the Spanish Conquer the Aztecs and An Unequal
● Using the Tlaxcalans and Cholulas
● The first meeting between Cortes and Montezuma
● Massacre of Unarmed Aztec
● Noche Triste (Sorrowful Night)
● An Unforeseen Enemy
● The Final Battle
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