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User Interface (UI):
The users can interact with Zenbo robot either through voice or mobile app.
A. Mobile App Interaction:
This feature allows the user to interact with the robot when the user is not at home and Zenbo can send
notifications to the user. The app has following features:
(i) Notifications
(ii) Admin privileges and permissions
(iii) Home camera
(iv) Video phone
In order to use the notification feature of the app you should not send excessive notifications, send only
critical messages to the app. If the Zenbo is trying to locate a user that does not have mobile app, he
will display the message next time he will see the user.
B. Voice Interaction:
The voice commands are primary means of interaction with Zenbo. The user can call ‘Hey, Zenbo’
and Zenbo shows a signal to the user that he can start issuing his commands to him. Try to limit the
words utterance to 12 seconds. If the user has issued at most three simpler commands, Zenbo will
ascertain the user’s intentions based on spoken commands. If the issued commands are complex, Zenbo
will provide the hints on the screen so that user can interact accordingly.
Fig. 1
Sensory Systems:
The sensors and their functions that are used by Zenbo to acquire information from the environment are:
Capacitive touch sensor
Drop laser sensor
Neck encoder
Wheel encoder
The touch sensor on Zenbo’s head that identifies the touch and senses
whether it is a long touch or short touch.
There are five drop laser sensors in the base of Zenbo and these sensors help
in sensing the distance of Zenbo’s base from the ground.
This measures the neck angle of Zenbo.
It is used to monitor the speed of the wheel.
It is used to measure the acceleration forces acting on a body in order to
determine the location of object in the environment.
It is used to measure the angular velocity and it helps in balancing the robot.
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