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Welcome to study period 2!
Please familiarise yourself with the content and assessment tasks, including the due
As you are completing an online course it is important to participate in the forums and
blogs to demonstrate competency in communication, which is an employability skill
required as part of your overall qualification. As an educational institute Chisholm are
required to keep these records for 30 years, as such any external auditors are entitled to
review your engagement with the course, and it would be an absolute shame to have
your qualification revoked due to not meeting the communication criteria required by
the governing bodies who oversee the Community Service qualifications. If you prefer to
prioritise your assessment tasks first, that’s fine, but do ensure you complete all the
required components.
Webinars will be held on every second Thursday (2 topics covered) at 9.30 am. All
webinars will be uploaded for those of you who are unable to attend at that time. Live
webinars and the recordings are available under the classroom tab. Assessments will be
discussed during the webinars. Please ensure you watch these as they will assist you to
ensure you do not need to ask any questions that have already been addressed, in
addition to saving you time having to resubmit any assessment tasks as the
requirements will have already been outlined and discussed.
Please be mindful of including references for statistics and answers sourced elsewhere
(especially direct quotes), even if they aren't direct quotes you need to acknowledge the
traditional source of information. This is not only a requirement, but also good practice
to support your claims.
References only need to be direct website links; you do not need to use Harvard or APA
style referencing unless you wish to do so.
Responses that have not been referenced and show up as direct or near direct quotes
are considered plagiarism and will therefore prevent you from passing the assessment.
Examples of referencing:
Q1: Why is the sky blue?
"Sunlight reaches Earth's atmosphere and is scattered in all directions by all the gases
and particles in the air. Blue light is scattered more than the other colours because it
travels as shorter, smaller waves. This is why we see a blue sky most of the time."
The above example is in "quotes" as it is a direct quote from the website, with no editing.
Q2: Why is the sky blue?
NASA suggests the sky is blue due to sunlight scattering in all directions when it reaches
the Earth's atmosphere. Other colours do not scatter as much as blue when hitting the
Earth's atmosphere as blue travels in shorter and smaller waves.
The above answer has been referenced as the source of information came from the
website rather than my prior knowledge, as I had no idea why the sky was blue.
If the answer to your question is original and stems from your prior knowledge, then
there is no need to reference it.
Plagiarism is using someone else’s work and passing it off as your own. Therefore,
referencing is important. Please note that plagiarism is not only using your mates work,
but also copying and pasting your answers from online sources such as Wikipedia etc.
You are expected to demonstrate your knowledge using your own words. If you submit
work that has been plagiarised, you will be given an opportunity to re-submit. If your
work is deemed plagiarised again, you will fail the module.
As the community sector often attracts those with a lived experience it is important to
acknowledge that some of the content is particularly heavy and may be triggering at
times, it therefore imperative that you practice healthy self-care strategies in order to
avoid experiencing burn-out. Some of my personal favourites include reading, listening
to music, going for a run, catching up with friends – either in person, on the phone or an
online platform (rolling with the times!).
I will always aim to mark your assessments within 5 working days, however as I take
several modules, each with a different number of students and various due dates, this is
not always possible, so I thank you in advance for your patience and understanding.
All extension requests are to be made directly to the module teacher. You must provide
a valid reason for the request and may be asked to provide evidence. Please note that
not all extensions will be approved. It is important to note that extensions cannot be
requested after week 9. It is therefore important to stay on top of the assessment tasks
and where possible submit them prior to the due date. If you are enrolled in a free TAFE
course, you will be liable for any applicable re-enrolment fees if you do not pass the
module. The due dates are not flexible, and extensions are the exception, not the rule.
All resubmissions are to be uploaded with 3 business days from the date of being
marking as ‘further evidence required’ unless otherwise advised by your module teacher.
Resubmissions are only available within the study period, and not after the term has
ended. Again, this highlights the importance of getting your assessment in by the due
date, and where possible prior to the due date.
I will be available on Mondays, Tuesday evenings and Thursdays to respond to any
messages you have and will respond to these queries within 2 business days or less.
Student Engagement and Technical Difficulties
Student engagement are the team to contact with any questions related to any technical
difficulties. Their contact details will be provided in the first webinar, along with the
contact details for other services available through Chisholm.
Please use the General questions, which can be found when you click into the Classroom
tab and then it is the first item up the top. Either add a new discussion topic or post in a
relevant topic that is already listed. Both students and teacher are able to post in this
space, so you can share your own knowledge if you already have experience in the topic
that is being discussed.
An alternative is to send any messages through Moodle (not email) and include what
module you are referring to.
I look forward to collaborating with you this study period.
Thank you and happy studying!
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