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"What I Need (WIN)" Wednesdays
Starting on February 3rd, we will be making a change to our Wednesday
schedule to ensure we can provide additional support to our students that
need it during remote learning. Students will not be attending the 16-minute
period classes on Wednesday mornings, but instead will be using this
"What I Need" time to catch up on and/or complete asynchronous
assignments and receive more personalized support from staff at
Allderdice, if needed.
Additional Information on the WIN Wednesday Half Day Schedule
Some of the things that will be happening during this time:
 Teachers will schedule individual meetings with students needing additional support/small
group meetings/enrichment/etc.
 Counselors/social workers will be able to schedule meetings with students needing
academic or social support without taking away from "live" class time
 Teachers will be able to provide individual feedback to students on progress/missing
assignments/enrichment via email, chat, phone
 Club sponsors may use this time to hold club meetings and/or provide other social
opportunities to students when appropriate
DURING THIS TIME for attendance
During this second semester, many
afternoons on Wednesdays will either be
time to catch up on and/or complete
asynchronous assignments and these will be
full school days on the calendar. However,
there are several days that will be half days
that were scheduled at the start of the
school year. To make sure you are clear on
the expectations for the next couple of
months, see the chart on this page for
student expectations.
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