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Smartest Ways Drivers Got Out of Traffic Tickets
There’s hardly any driver who hasn’t been fined for breaking traffic rules or are there any? There could
be some like these 3 people who got out of traffic tickets by trying out the smartest ways. When we are
pull over by traffic cops and tickets, we think of fighting all the injustices by fair means but while saving
the penalties we pay hefty to the lawyers, because who takes so much pain. We garner an attitude like
‘take the money and leave me alone’… right? What if we could have applied these wise tricks to escape
the penalties!
Meet these people:
Man sold his car and then again bought it back
A British origin man, a green card holder, Mr. Lyle got a speeding ticket in the mail. The camera caught
Lyle driving 96 MPH in a 60 MPH zone. His license was supposed to get cancelled if found guilty. He
argued and countered the charges. But, could not prove anything because he already sold his car by the
time ticket arrived. So, he bought his car back. He then took his car to a professional service center to
have it speed tested. My Lyle was right. The capacity of his car’s speed was 85 MPH maximum because it
was old. He bought this evidence to the court and his penalty was withdrawn.
This accountant affixed a traffic camera license plate cover
New technology traffic camera plate covers are immensely popular for its bizarre ways to save your
license plate from being captured by a speed camera detector. The geeky Chris Harris, Accountant in a
law firm, said he always gets late to office and even for once he tried to run his car fast, he has been
caught. But he has seen many other drivers get a clean cheat from toll booths and traffic cameras even
when they are driving faster than him. He thought of trying his luck by placing one of these no photo
license plate shields that come at cheap prices and can be purchased online. Fortunately it worked. He
said, “Ever since I have fixed this product on my license plate, I haven’t been fined.”
A woman plays dead to escape a series of tickets
Death solves a lot of issues, right? But nobody ever thought of playing dead to get over the fine for
disobeying traffic rules. However, a woman, a few decades ago, came under the highlights because she
beautifully befooled cops and law makers of her false death. Don’t you think lying about being dead just
to avoid tickets is the dumbest idea ever? Reba Anderson from Jacksonville tried to do the same. Ms.
Anderson received a series of traffic tickets, but paid none. Instead, she wrote a correspondence to a
country judge claiming her death, and signed the letter with her mother’s name. But, she got caught
Now that you know the smartest ideas of escaping a traffic penalty, what would you choose to do the
next time? Traffic camera plate covers seem to be most feasible and pocket-friendly among the rest.