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A MIDWIFE, DOCTOR OR NURSE for a Mother and Child Health Advisor
position (M/F)
For Myanmar (based in Pyapon)
In the rural areas of Pyapon Township, access to good quality primary health care is very limited for the population. Scarcity of trained health
human resources, lack of equipped facilities and daunting geographic constraints all concur to very limited access to the public primary
health care system. Private care is available, through unofficial healers and traditional birth attendants, however it is unsupervised and usually
of poor quality. In addition, the population lacks knowledge and awareness on health related issues, which would enable them to adopt safe
behaviours. The socio-economic consequences of cyclone Nargis put an additional burden on the health system, which on one hand has a
decreased capacity, and on the other hand is facing increased vulnerability of the population to health risks. Though Nargis was of
unprecedented violence, the region is prone to frequent floods.
The project aims at strengthening community health systems in Center and South Pyapon, by:
- improving access to basic primary health care (training and supervision of 131 Community Health Workers and 80 Auxiliary Midwives)
- increasing community involvement in health issues (through the establishment of Village Health Committees and the establishment of village
- increasing knowledge on health / preventive issues (health education in the villages, improvement of waste management in 4 health facilities)
In an international team of approximately 50 persons and under the supervision of the Field Coordinator, the Mother and Child Health Advisor
will ensure the quality of the project activities in terms of health:
- Quality of medical care and prevention services delivered by Community Health Workers (CHW) and Auxiliary Midwives (AMW),
- Quality of health education delivered by community actors and Médecins du Monde outreach team.
S/he will especially ensure the follow-up of the medical recommendations done by previous health advisers
S/he will also focus on mainstreaming the MCH component in all the activities carried out by MdM France in Pyapon.
More specifically:
* Technical supervision
- S/he ensures the compliance of all activities to MdM France quality standards and guidelines, and to national and international guidelines, in close link
with the field coordinator and Paris Head Quarter.
- S/he reviews the training curriculums and methodologies of CHWs and AMWs, of field staff (nurses, midwives and community facilitators), and suggests
- S/he reviews the supervision methodologies and tools of the field staff, and suggests improvements.
- S/he reviews the relevance of health education messages and methodologies and proposes improvements.
- As the project develops, s/he supports the team to develop additional training curriculum (review of national guidelines, of international guidelines, and
adaptation to the context), notably for auxiliary midwives.
- S/he is in charge of checking the quality of care and prevention services delivered by the CHWs and AMWs, and propose improvements, additional
trainings if required.
- S/he supervises very closely the quality of the work performed by the health training officer, and helps identify training opportunities for him.
* Planning and coordination
- S/he takes part in the planning of the project, especially for the training component (of field staff, CHWs and AMWs).
- S/he takes part in the management team meetings in Pyapon.
- S/he liaises closely with the monitoring officer and the project managers (field coordinator and project manager) to make sure that the monitoring system
(data collection, ad hoc surveys) allows monitoring quality of health prevention and care services delivered. This monitoring should include proper
analysis the data’s collected in close collaboration with the project team, ensuring a feed back to the outreach team and beneficiaries
- S/he might attend technical coordination meetings, in the delta or in Yangon.
- S/he contributes to strengthening relationship and collaboration with Ministry of Health (MoH).
* Surveys
- S/he conducts a detailed assessment of the main hospitals and Rural Health Centers in the Township to review the capacity of those facilities to provide
Emergency Obstetrical Care (EmOC) services and the possibility given by national policies and protocols to implement EmOC services in the area.
- If requested, s/he conducts a survey on referral at the health facility level.
Contract: VOLUNTEER (French law)
Including :
915 euros monthly allowance + per diem for local expenses
Travel, housing, social covering and insurances
Starting: As soon as Possible
Duration: 2 to 4 months
- Preferably a Midwife (or doctor or nurse) with strong experience in mother and child health, primary health care, communitity health care in low
resources settings.
- Experience in ONG would be an asset
- Experience in health promotion / health education in rural communities would be an asset.
- Ability to deliver recommendations, tools, protocols within a short time
- Ability to live mostly on his/her own in a medium difficult environment (3.5 hours by road from Yangon, small town with no other international presence
and no or very little leisure activities, long boat trips for supervision of activities).
Languages: Fluent English (oral and written) mandatory
Merci d’adresser votre lettre de motivation et CV sous références BI/RMED/0811/28743 à :
Médecins du Monde – Pôle Recrutement et Parcours - Coralie AUBIN – 62 rue Marcadet – 75018 PARIS
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