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Jesse Diehl
SPM Portfolio
Block Diagram:
Vendors That Supply:
Danish Micro Engineering A/S
JPK Instruments AG
NT-MDT Molecular Devices and Tools for Nanotechnology
Molecular Imaging Corporation
Nanosurf AG
Nanotech Electronica
Novascan Technologies Inc.
Questant Instruments
RHK Technology Inc.
Journals That Use This Instrument:
Ana Paula M. Barboza, Helio Chacham, Camilla K. Oliveira, Thales F. D. Fernandes, Erlon H.
Martins Ferreira, Braulio S. Archanjo, Ronaldo J. C. Batista, Alan B. de Oliveira, Bernardo R. A.
Neves. Dynamic Negative Compressibility of Few-Layer Graphene, h-BN, and MoS2. Nano Lett.,
Article ASAP Publication Date (Web): April 2, 2012
o Mechanical response of few-layer graphenetoompression and shear by an atomic force
microscope (AFM) tip.
Marin Alexe. Local Mapping of Generation and Recombination Lifetime in BiFeO3 Single Crystals
by Scanning Probe Photoinduced Transient Spectroscopy. Nano Lett., Article ASAP Publication
Date (Web): April 2, 2012
o Study of photovoltaic effect using BiFeO3
Katsuya Onodera, Chiaki Tanioku, Akikazu Matsumoto. Epitaxial Crystal Growth and Solid-State
Polymerization of Piperonyl Muconate on the {001} Surface of KCl Crystal for Controlling
Polymer Chain Alignment. ACS Appl. Mater. Interfaces, Article ASAP Publication Date (Web):
April 4, 2012
o controlled radical polymerization and crystal engineering
Common Uses for Analysis:
Detection of defects in silicon wafers for electronics.
Characterization of Polymer surfaces
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