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Conductores desnudos
Conductores aislados AT
Conductores aislados MT
Conductores aislados BT
Transformadores de potencia AT/MT
Transformadores de distribución MT/BT
Supply of copper-aluminium cable conductors for high and medium voltage
overhead lines, with or without supply of aluminium rods; in copper or
aluminium (or its alloys) cable to be used for overhead MV electrical lines
Supply of single pole HV cables insulated in high elastic modulus ethylene
propylene rubber (hepr) or with cross-linked polyethylene (xlpe) under
thermoplastic shielding and related accessories (joints and terminals), for
Supply of MV cables, maximum voltage Um 24 kV, with visible screw, in
copper or aluminium, insulated with high elastic modulus propylene rubber
(hepr) or with cross-linked polyethylene (xlpe) with dry curing process, under
thermoplastic (PVC) shielding for underground laying
Supply of low voltage cables with rated voltage Uo/U=0.6/1 kV, single pole, two
pole and four pole insulated with elastomers, in the types: concentric and nonconcentric insulated with high elastic modulus ethylene propylene rubber
(hepr) or with cross-linked polyethylene (xlpe) under thermoplastic shielding
(pvc) for overhead and/or underground laying
Supply and installation of three phase transformers with primary at HV and
secondary at MV, insulated in oil, low level of leaks and noise, equipped with
live commutator on HV side, used for power supply for MV primary distribution
network (p between 16 and 100 MVA, primary V 132, 150 and 220 kV). the HV
side feed-through insulators can be selected for arrival in conductor in air, in
busbar insulated in sf6 or cable insulated in solid organic material
Supply of medium voltage/low voltage three phase transformers insulated in oil
with natural cooling, with low level of leakage and noise, used for the medium
voltage secondary distribution network with voltages other than standard or for
special uses (rated power between 50 kVA and 630 kVA, primary rated voltage
not greater than 24 kV)
Empalmes y terminales MT
Contadores de gas
Supply of joints and terminals (accessories), for MV cables 12/20 kV, insulated
in paper or extruded material. In particular the accessories can be a mix, resin
or shrink type (self or thermo) or disconnectable (with external or internal cone)
Supply of volumetric deformable membrane meters for measuring combustible
Contadores de gas
Supply of non-volumetric turbine meters for measuring combustible gas
Material de instrumentación para plantas de
Componentes electrónicos y electromecánicos
de baja potencia
Interruptores AT (solo incluye interruptores At
para calificación Endesa)
Supply and commissioning of instrumentation for analog measurement of
physical and chemical values linked to the electricity generation cycle and
process switches for ENEL power plants
Supply of active and passive electronic components, electromechanical
components for low power electronics and electrical measurement instruments
purchasable from the electronic catalogue
Supply of HV switches insulated in sf6; systems (GIS) or combined HV
armoured apparatus (hybrid modules) consisting of apparatus in metal casing
insulted in sf6, factory pre-assembled in single or multiple modules to be used
for the Enel primary electrical distribution network at a rated voltage greater
than or equal to 145 kV
Pararrayos AT (solo incluye AT para calificación
de Endesa)
Supply of metallic oxide (zno) HV and/or MV dischargers, with porcelain and/or
composite housing, for outdoors, for maximum voltages between 145 and 420
kV used for primary transmission and distribution networks or in organic
material, for outdoors, nominal voltage <= 24 kV and nominal discharge
current 10 kA, used for primary and secondary distribution networks.
Celdas Secundarias (solo inlcuye celdas
secundarias para calificación Endesa)
Ropa de protección (DPI)
Tanques de acero
Válvulas de bola
Supply of: medium voltage electrical panels insulated in sf6, for primary
cabins, including supports containing three pole switches insulated in sf6 or
vacuum, for the supply of the distribution network; medium voltage electrical
panels (24kV) including casings containing three pole operation/disconnection
(ims) switches insulated in sf6, installed in secondary cabins and used for the
disconnection of MV network and supply of MV/LV distribution transformers;
compartments at medium voltage (24 kV) including air insulated casings
containing three pole operation/disconnection (ims) switches insulated in sf6,
installed in secondary cabins used for disconnection of MV network and supply
of MV/LV distribution transformers.
Supply of special clothing with individual protection device function (e.g.
uniform for live work etc.)
Supply of transportable, atmospheric and pressurised tanks, for steam
condensation, compressed air, gas oil and waste in general, built in conformity
with the ASME VIII standards and PED directive 97/23/EC. supply of API
standard storage tanks, with fixed or floating roof, to be built on-site, for
drinking, industrial and demineralised water, chemical waste and for light and
heavy combustible oils. all for use in thermoelectric plants
Supply of ball valves with two or three (side entry) piece type body or in single
piece (top entry) ratings from 150 to 1500 lbs., with trunnion or floating ball, fire
safe certified and equipped with antistatic device in compliance with the
standards API 6D, AME B16.34, MSS SP25 and SP55, BS 5351 and BS 6755,
used for thermoelectric plants
Válvulas forjadas
Supply of stop and check valves, with steel forged bodies and diameter up to
2", ratings from 150 to 4500 lbs, with flanged ends, sw (primarily) and bw,
normally manually driven and installed on all thermoelectric plant services and
circuits. reference standards API 598 and 602, BS 5352, ASME B16.34, MSS
SP 55
Ventiladores axiales y radiales para plantas
Repuestos para sistemas de transporte cintas de
Supply of electric fans (all types of fans and electric fans) including related
spare parts
Supply of all the parts necessary to drive support and cleaning of the coal
transport system, sludges and solids in coal-fired power plants