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Permanent Address:
641 West Willow Street #147
Chicago, IL 60614
Rachel Galowich
(312) 909-1549
School Address:
410 Memorial Drive
Cambridge, MA 02139
Massachusetts Institute of Technology
Cambridge, MA
Candidate for Bachelor’s of Science in Civil Engineering, GPA: 4.8/5.0
September 2014-June 2018
Relevant Coursework: Solid Mechanics, Introduction to Civil and Environmental Engineering Design I,
Engineering Computation and Data Science, Ethics for Engineers, Differential Equations, Probability and
Random Variables, Introduction to Urban Design and Development
Design Fabrication Group
Cambridge, MA
Undergraduate Research Assistant
October 2015-present
 Working with perers to design a non-uniform, modular, and transparent tower, exploring different
combination of pieces that can be used to generate the structure
 Involved in all phases of inquiry, including designing building components for concrete application,
rapid prototyping, and 3D modeling, laser cutting, and finishing
International Conservation Center, Città di Roma
Khan a-Shawarda, Old Akko, Israel
June-August 2015
 Measured and modeled brick, door, and window dimensions in AutoCAD
 Identified steps to restore structures to their original design and designated bricks for replacement
 Project contributed to conservation of a UNESCO World Heritage site
 Participated in archaeological dig and mosaic restoration programming
ACE Mentorship Program Summer Design Build
Catalpa Park, Chicago, IL
June-August 2014
 Worked on team to perform site survey, especially noting sun patterns, issues regarding safety, and
topological variations causing drainage problems within Catalpa Park
 Built hexagonal play structure with risen platform, bench, and climbing activities; adhered to schedule,
estimated budget, and safety standards
 Presented park redesign plan to neighborhood, Archer Heights Civic Association and Chicago Park District
Chicago, IL
June-August 2013
 Project work included calculating lighting load densities and pipe diameters for the Doha Convention
Center, and estimating axial force loads on columns for a hotel project
 Conducted preliminary acoustic testing for the site of the now-built Hyatt Hotel
 Measured equipment power usages throughout the office to help obtain net zero energy
MIT Physics Department
Cambridge, MA
Teaching Assistant, Physics II: Electricity and Magnetism
February-May 2015
 Answered questions, assisted students with group problems during class, and graded assignments
Unité Mixte Internationale CNRS/MIT
Cambridge, MA
Undergraduate Research Assistant
January, 2015
 Wrote programs in Python to help organize and understand data obtained from computer simulation tests
 Tracked bonding patterns of zirconium towards silicate chains within cement
 Presented findings to members of the MIT civil and environmental engineering department
Activities: Engineers Without Borders, Colleges Against Cancer, Alpha Chi Omega, WiSE
Computer-aided Design: AutoCAD (advanced), SketchUp (intermediate)
Programming: JavaScript, (intermediate), Python (basic), Mathematica (basic)
Languages: Mandarin Chinese (limited working proficiency), Hebrew (elementary proficiency)