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Toxic Stress The Dangerous
Threatening Our
Changing Minds and Creating
Trauma-Informed Communities
Moving toward a shared vision
Policy Barriers and Opportunities
Community engagement
Next Steps
See the brief:
Policies addressing toxic stress across
the life course
Early Mental Health Initiative (EMHI)
AB 1644 (Bonta) would provide funding and supports from the state to
local education agencies and schools (i.e. direct services, free regional
trainings, technical assistance, peer learning network) to help their
young students with school adjustment difficulties – particularly those
who have been exposed to toxic stress – adjust to school so they can
learn and thrive.
To learn more: contact Ben Rubin | [email protected]
The Children’s Movement of California
Children Now has built a network of over 1,400 Pro-Kid groups called
The Children’s Movement of California. Through this network Children
Now is increasing awareness of the impact of toxic stress, childhood
trauma and related policy efforts such as the new EMHI legislation. In
addition, Children Now is working with local advocates in Los Angeles
and several other regions of the state on local advocacy efforts,
including mental health.
To learn more: visit