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Period: _____
Unit 8: Earth History
UNIT TEST DATE: ____________
1) Understand how stratigraphy and fossils can tell us the relative
ages of rock units
2) Use radiometric dating to determine the absolute ages of rock
3) Understand the history of the Earth and the geologic time scale.
Class Lessons:
Relative Age Dating
Rock Correlation
Absolute Age Dating
Reading: The Real Story of New York (with chapter quizzes)
Watch all the following videos on the metfan869 Hommocks Earth Science
Department YouTube Channel
Due Date
Earth’s History (8:14)
Geologic History (8:16)
Page 8 Geologic History (9:05)
Page 9 Geologic History (6:34)
Skills Practice:
Due Date
Sequence of Rocks #5
ESRT Geologic History and Fossils
Sequence of Rocks #3 and #4
ESRT Geologic History #2
Radioactive Decay Practice
Research skills: Did T. Rex eat Stegoaurus for lunch? (Regents)
Rock Correlation (LAB)
Honors Project:
Mark Twain short story (1903): Was the World Made for Man?
Read story and answer questions. Only recommended for students
who are strong mature readers with NWEA reading lexiles above
1100 or RIT scores above 230 (see me if you don’t know your
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Did you do the online Earth History Practice test?
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