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Marketing Management
1. Please, describe marketing orientation.
2. Distinguish clearly between product and marketing orientation. Use an
3. Please, compare marketing and product orientation.
4. Please, compare selling and production orientation.
5. Please, briefly describe societal marketing orientation.
6. Please, identity factors influencing buying behavior.
7. How the knowledge about DMU can be used by a company? Explain with
8. Please, explain how to calculate the market demand. Use examples.
9. What are main differences between B2C and B2B markets?
10. How to analyze micro environment of the organization?
11. Please, distinguish clearly between habitual and complex purchase. Use
an example.
12.Please, distinguish clearly between dissonance and variety seeking
purchase. Use an example.
13.Explain how companies should evaluate the market competition. Use five
forces model.
14. What does bargaining power of buyers depend on?
15.What does bargaining power of suppliers depend on?
16.Please, identify key factors influencing competitive rivalry.
17. How to analyze macro environment of the organization?
18. What is SMART framework? How to use it?
19.What is SWOT analysis? How to use is?
20. How to evaluate market segment attractiveness? What factors you suggest
to use?
21.How to target the market?
22.What are cons and pros of concentrated marketing? Use example.
23.What are cons and pros of selective marketing? Use example.
24.What are cons and pros of full-scope marketing? Use example.
25.What are the most typical positioning errors? Use examples.
26. Company’s “XYZ” portfolio consists of two product lines: mineral water
and fruit juices. The length of mineral water product line is two, which
means that the company offers two brands of mineral water: “A” (2,5
PLN/1 liter) and “B” (4 PLN/1 liter). Explain with examples how to change
the length of this product line.
27.Please, identify advantages and disadvantages of private branding from the
perspective of the manufacturer.
28. What are main benefits from branding?
29.What does the length of distribution channel depend on? Please, identify
main factors and explain how they determine the length of the channel.
30. Please, describe briefly push and pull promotional strategy. Use
31. Please, identify advantages and disadvantages of Public Relations.
32. Please, identify advantages and disadvantages of advertising.
33. Please, identify advantages and disadvantages of Public Relations.
34. Please, characterize direct marketing as a promotional tool.
35. When companies should consider intensive distribution?
36. Please, identify factors suggesting selective distribution.