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Mathematical Sciences Colloquium Series
Friday (September 15, 2006)
3:00pm WA 103A
Dr. Gary Kader
Mathematical Sciences
Appalachian State University
Title: Variability in Categorical Data
A measure of variability depends on the concept of variability.
Research has shown that for many students "unalikeability" is a
more natural concept than "variation about the mean." A
"coefficient of unalikeablity" is proposed to measure this type of
variability. Variability in categorical data is different from variability
in quantitative data. In this presentation the coefficient of
unalikeability is adapted as a measure of variability in categorical
data. This coefficient has a well-defined interpretation, whereas the
standard deviation for categorical data does not. There are some
useful lessons here for teachers of statistics and their students,
especially those who might themselves become teachers.
Please encourage all of your upper level students (especially those
in statistics courses) to attend.