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Spanish / English Spoken Here
@ your Library
Bienvenidos / Welcome
• Classes de Ingles para todos
• Free English Classes for All
Comparte tu
• Cultura
• Tradiciones
Share your
• Culture
• Traditions
Spanish Spoken Here / Se Habla Español
Here I will provide photos
• Different celebrations of the Hispanic culture.
• Include photographs of ESL material
• Picture of books
• (Photos on Next slide)
Arts and Literature
• Examples of Art an
• In the story I will
include music
Spanish / English Spoken Here
• The Benefits of learning English, feel part of the community,
grow, Be able to help your child with their homework (to
Its not to late
• Free Inglish Classes are offer @ your library
• Sign up now.
• (In the advocacy story, the video will have to be all in Spanish
this way my target audience can understanding. But since I
want them to learn English having the story in English and
Spanish seem more appropriate. And of course I want everyone
in the class to understand it as well.
• List the resources you used for your research.