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Pre-AP Chemistry: Unit 1: Test Review
** Study your notes packet, handouts, & labs completed.
You should:
1. Be able to define, explain & give examples of the following terms
a. matter
b. mass vs weight
c. energy (kinetic & potential)
d. Observations (qualitative vs quantitative)
e. inference
f. hypothesis
g. theory
h. model
j. element
k. compound
l. mixture (homogeneous vs heterogeneous)
m. physical vs chemical property
n. physical vs chemical change
o. Intensive vs extensive properties
p. separation techniques
q. decomposition
r. Laws of conservation
s. endothermic vs exothermic reactions
Identify physical or chemical properties & changes.
Identify common properties of metals, nonmetals, metalloids.
Identify properties of the states of matter (solid, liquid, gas)
Explain how the law of conservation of mass is true in chemical reactions.
Be able to write dissociation equations
Be able to apply the laws of definite and multiple proportions
Know the family (group) names for the periodic table
Know pieces of lab equipment and lab safety rules