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UNIVERSITY OF BERGEN Institute for Foreign Languages – Arabic Language and Literature Workshop Rational Theology and Greek Philosophy in Samaritan Bible Exegesis March 25–28, 2014 Ulrike Pihls Hus, Professor Keysers gate 1, room 210 Lecture Lecture öö Arabic Texts Lecture Tue 25/03 09.15 Opening by pro‐dean Einar Thomassen 09.30 Gerhard Wedel Rational Theology in Samaritan Arabic Literature Wed 26/03 Thu 27/03 Alexander Kalbarczyk Aristotelian Hylemorphism in the Arabic‐Islamic Philosophical Tradition Fedor Benevich 10.00 Johannes Thon The Concept of “Essential” The Giving of Language: as a Key to Metaphysics and Qurʾān 2,30 and Gen 2,19 in Muslim b. Murǧān’s commentary Theology in falsafa and kalām Coffee break (10.30–11.00) 11.00 Gerhard Wedel Alexander Kalbarczyk Muʿtazilite issues in K. aṭ‐Ṭabbāḫ Ibn Sīna (ca. 980‐1037): by Abū l‐Ḥasan aṣ‐Ṣūrī (11th cent.) Kitāb aš‐Šifaʾ Fedor Benevich 12.00 Johannes Thon Yaḥyā b. ʿĀdī (893‐974): Muslim b. Murǧān (d. 1738): Treatise against al‐Kindī Dalīl as‐Sāʾil ʿalā l‐Masāʾil In the afternoon there are reading workshops. Fri 28/03 Frank Weigelt Samaritan Bible Exegesis in the Light of the Hexaëmeron Literature Antje Seeger Cosmography in Samaritan Exegesis Frank Weigelt Ṣadaqa b. Munaǧǧā (d. 1223): Commentary on Genesis Antje Seeger Muslim b. Murǧān (d. 1738): Dalīl as‐Sāʾil ʿalā l‐Masāʾil 09.30 Stefan Schorch The Samaritan Hebrew Reading Tradition of the Pentateuch 11.00 Leonhard Becker The Samaritan Arabic Translation of the Pentateuch Lunch break (12.00‐14.30) 14.30 Magnar Kartveit The Origin of the Samaritans 15.30 Gregor Schwarb Current Studies in Samaritan Arabic Manuscripts Closing discussion 
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